Text: Editors, “Contributors,” Poe Studies, June 1983, Vol. XVI, No. 1, 16:24


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BENJAMIN FRANKLIN FISHER IV, Associate Professor of English at the University of Mississippi and editor of that university s Studies in English, has published extensively on Victorian poetry, detective and gothic fiction, and Poe.

CHRISTOPHER J. FORBES, Assistant Professor of English at Northeast Louisiana State University, has published on Poe and Irving in Studies in American Fiction; he has recently completed a dissertation on Lippard and the urban expose novel in America.

DAVID K. JACKSON, an independent Poe scholar residing in Durham, North Carolina, is author of Contributors and Contributions to the Southern Literary Messenger (1834-64) and Poe and the Southern Literary Messenger, as well as of numerous articles and notes on Poe; he is currently at work with Dwight Thomas on a Poe log for G. K. Hall.

DONALD PEASE, Associate Professor of English at Dartmouth College, is author of various articles on such writers as Poe Emerson, and Hart Crane; currently director of the School of Criticism and Theory after its move from Northwestern University, he has recently organized a section on the “Other American Renaissance’ for the fall 1983 English Institute.

BURTON R. POLLIN, Emeritus Professor of English at Bronx Community College of CUNY, has published extensively on Godwin, Shelley, and Poe and is currently editing the Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe.

PATRICK F. QUINN, Professor of English at Wellesley College, is author of The French Face of Edgar Allan Poe; he writes frequently on the French criticism of Poe.

MICHAEL TRITT, Assistant Professor of English, Marianopolis College, is author of articles on Poe, Byron and Asimov, and Thoreau in such journals as Poe Studies, Science Fiction Studies, and American Transcendental Quarterly (forthcoming).

MICHAEL J. WILLIAMS has published on Poe in American Literature and on the short story in the Anglo-Welsh Review; he is currently completing a dissertation on language and interpretation in Poe’s fiction.


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