Text: Edgar Allan Poe (ed. Killis Campbell), “To F----,” The Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, Ginn and Company, 1917, pp. 79-80


[page 79, continued:]

TO F——   [[v]]



Beloved! amid the earnest woes


That crowd around my earthly path —


(Drear path, alas! where grows

Not even one lonely rose) —


My soul at least a solace hath

In dreams of thee, and therein knows


An Eden of bland repose.



And thus thy memory is to me


Like some enchanted far-off isle


In some tumultuous sea — [page 80:]


Some ocean throbbing far and free

With storms — but where meanwhile

Serenest skies continually

Just o’re that one bright island smile.




[The following variants appear at the bottom of page 79:]

Title To Mary (S. L. M.), To One Departed (Graham's, S.M.). The order of the stanzas is inverted in Graham's and S. M.

1 Mary, amid the caresthe woes (S. L. M.); For 'mid the earnest cares and woes (Graham's, S.M.).

2 That crowd: Crowding (S. L. M.).

3 Drear: Sad (S. L. M., Graham's, S.M.).

7 bland: sweet (S. L. M.).

8 And thus: Seraph (Graham's, S.M.).

[The following variants appear at the bottom of page 80:]

11 Some lake beset as lake can be (S. L. M.); Some ocean vexed as it may be (Graham's, S. M.).







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