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Accepted Literary Criticism

(This page is under construction. The list of items is still being determined.)

The Southern Literary Messenger

The Southern Literary Messenger (Richmond) was founded in 1834 by Thomas Willis White (1788-1843). In 1835, Poe began first to contribute then ultimately to edit the magazine. During Poe's period as editor, the subcription rate went from 500 to 3,500. Its last issue appeared in 1864.

Burton's Gentleman's Magazine

The Gentleman's Magazine (Philadelphia) was founded in 1837 by William Evans Burton (1802-1860). The first issue appeared on July of 1837. Poe became editor in July of 1839, leaving in June 1840 over personal issues. Burton had already decided to sell the magazine. Although Poe had left the magazine, some of the items he had provided to Burton continued to appear through the August 1840 issue.

Graham's Magazine

Graham's Magazine (Philadelphia) was founded in 1841 by George Rex Graham (1813-1894). In May of 1839, Graham purchased Atkinson's Casket. In October of 1840, he also purchased Burton's Gentleman's Magazine. He continued to issue both peridoicals until the end of year since most magazines were issued in six-month volumes running from January through June and July through December. The first issue of Graham's Magazine appeared in January of 1841 as volume XVIII, reflecting its continuation of the Casket. Poe had been editor of Burton's Gentleman's Magazine but left at the end of May of 1840 in a personal dispute with Burton, who had decided to sell the magazine. Poe became literary editor of Graham's in 1841. He left in 1842 with hopes of creating his own magazine, plans which never came to fruition. During his period as editor, the subscription for the magazine went from 5,000 to 37,000, making it one of the most popular periodicals of its day. Poe disliked the "namby-pamby" fashion plates and sentimental engravings, but appreciated Graham for paying more fairly for contributions than did his competitors. Although Graham himself was forced to sell controlling interest in the magazine in 1848, but Graham's Magazine continued until 1858. Some reviews written prior to April of 1841 have been attribued to Poe, but erroneously and are therefore not included here.

The Broadway Journal

Other Peridocials

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