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Apocryphal, Doubtful and Rejected Poems

Please note that this list is far from complete. As it is impractical to attempt a complete list of all poems falsely attributed to Poe, any poem omitted from the Accepted category should be presumed as not by Poe, barring pursuasive evidence to the contrary. As the arguments for poems on this page are refined, some may move from Doubtful to Rejected or the other way around. It is unlikely, however, that any of the items listed here will be moved to the Accepted category.

Apocryphal or Doubtful Poems

Rejected Poems (alphabetically by title)

Most of these items are noted by T. O. Mabbot in his section of rejected poems from his edition of Poe's Poems, 1969. Included here are several poems supposedly passed by Poe from the great beyond to mediums, most notably Elizabeth Doten.
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