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[page 61:]

Seq: 2.

Title: TO —— ——

Stanza: 1

Line-01-001 I saw thee on thy bridal day —

Line-01-002 [[indent]] When a burning blush came o’er thee

Line-01-003 {{1829-01: Tho’ //1829-02: Though }} happiness around thee lay,

Line-01-004 [[indent]] The world all love before thee:

Stanza: 2

Line-01-005 And, in thine eye a kindling light

Line-01-006 [[indent]] {{1829-01: [ //1829-02: ( }} Whatever it might be {{1829-01: ] //1829-02: ) }}

Line-01-007 Was all on Earth my {{1829-01: fetter’d //1829-02: aching }} sight

Line-01-008 [[indent]] Of Loveliness could see.

Stanza: 3

Line-01-009 That blush, perhaps, was maiden shame —

Line-01-010 [[indent]] As such it well may pass —

Line-01-011 {{1829-01: Tho’ //1829-02: Though }} its glow hath rais’d a fiercer flame

Line-01-012 [[indent]] In the breast of him, alas!

Stanza: 4

Line-01-013 Who saw thee on that bridal day,

Line-01-014 [[indent]] When that deep blush would come o’er thee,

Line-01-015 {{1829-01: Tho’ Happiness //1829-02: Though happiness }} around thee lay,

Line-01-016 [[indent]] The world all love before thee.



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