Text: Edgar Allan Poe, “To M—” (Study Text)


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[page 68:]

Seq: 8.

Title: TO M——

Stanza: 1

Line-01-001: O! I care not that my earthly lot

Line-01-002: [[indent]] Hath — little of Earth in it —

Line-01-003: That years of love have been forgot

Line-01-004: [[indent]] In the fever of a minute —

Stanza: 2

Line-01-005: I heed not that the desolate

Line-01-006: [[indent]] Are happier, sweet, than I —

Line-01-007: But that you meddle with my fate

Line-01-008: [[indent]] Who am a passer-by.


Stanza: 3

Line-01-009: It is not that my founts of bliss

Line-01-010: [[indent]] Are gushing — strange! with tears —

Line-01-011: Or that the thrill of a single kiss

Line-01-012: [[indent]] Hath palsied many years —

Stanza: 4

Line-01-013: ‘Tis not that the flowers of twenty springs

Line-01-014: [[indent]] Which have wither’d as they rose [page 69:]

Line-01-015: Lie dead on my heart-strings

Line-01-016: [[indent]] With the weight of an age of snows.

Stanza: 5

Line-01-017: Nor that the grass — O! may it thrive!

Line-01-018: [[indent]] On my grave is growing or grown —

Line-01-019: But that, while I am dead yet alive

Line-01-020: [[indent]] I cannot be, lady, alone.





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