Text: Edgar Allan Poe, “Eldorado” (comparative text - FOU and WORKS)


Texts Represented:

  • 1849-01 - Flag of Our Union (April 21, 1849)
  • 1850-02 - Griswold edition of WORKS (January 1850)



[Written for The Flag of our Union.]









Line-01-001 [[indent]] {{1849-01: Gaily //1850-02: GAILY }} bedight,

Line-01-002 [[indent]] A gallant knight,

Line-01-003 In sunshine and in shadow,

Line-01-004 [[indent]] Had journeyed long,

Line-01-005 [[indent]] Singing a song,

Line-01-006 In search of Eldorado.

Line-01-007 [[indent]] But he grew old —

Line-01-008 [[indent]] This knight so bold —

Line-01-009 And o’er his heart a shadow

Line-01-010 [[indent]] Fell {{1849-01: , //1850-02: [[,]] }} as he found

Line-01-011 [[indent]] No spot of ground

Line-01-012 That looked like Eldorado.

Line-01-013 [[indent]] And, as his strength

Line-01-014 [[indent]] Failed him at length,

Line-01-015 He met a pilgrim shadow —

Line-01-016 [[indent]] “Shadow,” said he,

Line-01-017 [[indent]] “Where can it be —

Line-01-018 This land of Eldorado?”

Line-01-019 [[indent]] “Over the Mountains

Line-01-020 [[indent]] Of the Moon,

Line-01-021 Down the Valley of the Shadow,

Line-01-022 [[indent]] Ride, boldly ride,”

Line-01-023 [[indent]] The shade replied, —

Line-01-024 “If you seek for Eldorado!”



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