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Text: Edgar Allan Poe (?), "J. E. Dow," Daily Chronicle (Philadelphia, PA), May 19, 1840, vol. I, no. 14, p. 3, col. 1

[page 3, column 1:]

J. E. DOW. — Among the witnesses attendant on the trial of Commodore Elliot [[Elliott]], we notice Jesse Erskine Dow, Esq., the very clever author of "The Log of Old Ironsides," and fifty other capital things, in a different vein, which have appeared from time to time at random in our Magazines. "The Log," it will be remembered, was for many months the "big fish" of Burton's Gentleman's Magazine. Mr. Dow, from a sad habit of being always in a hurry, has acquired a certain free and easy slip-shod sort of a style which ought to be amended; but he has true and peculiar talent, and as a man there is no one whom we more highly respect.


This notice was first attributed to Poe by Dwight Thomas in Poe in Philadelphia (pp. 129-130), and repeated in The Poe Log (p. 296). The Daily Chronicle was published by Charles Alexander, who also published Alexander's Weekly Messenger.

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