Text: Edgar Allan Poe, “The Virginia Star,” Alexander’s Weekly Messenger, vol. 4, no. 12, March 18, 1840, p. 2, col. 4


[page 2, column 4:]

The Virginia Star.

This is the title of a new weekly and tri-weekly paper, published at Petersburg, Va., by H. Haines, Esq. late editor of the Petersburg “Constellation.” Mr. Haines is a gentleman of education and of unusually fine talents. He is, moreover, a sternly independent man; and this is saying a great deal in these days of universal subserviency and tergiversation. The “Star” will be a “bright particular” one, indeed, if it emit rays one half so brilliant as those from the “Constellation” of old days. No mere constellation that — but a perfect galaxy of good things. In faith, we remember it well. Neither Mr. Haines, nor any papers of Mr. Haines, are matters to be readily forgotten.

The “Virginia Star” is a pretty-looking sheet, well printed, on excellent paper — its matter (whether editorial or contributed) equal to that of any printed in America. It proceeds upon the cash system — quite a novel idea in Virginia. We cordially wish it a life of a thousand years.




This notice was first attributed to Poe by Clarence S. Brigham, Edgar Allan Poe’s Contributions to Alexander’s Weekly Messenger, 1943, pp. 58-59.


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