Text: Edgar Allan Poe (?), Literary, Broadway Journal (New York), October 4, 1845, vol. 2, no. 13, p. ???, col. ?


[page 192, column 2, continued:]

Simms Monthly Magazine for September is, as usual, excellent. It contains, among other able papers, the conclusion of “The Epochs and Events of American History as suited to the Purposes of Art in Fiction” — No. 3 of “A Foreigner’s First Glimpses of Georgia” — No. 7 of “The Marion Family,” and some remarkably fine poems. We allude especially to “The Maiden’s First Dream of Love” and “Elodie, a Ballad.” These are anonymous, and we attribute them to the same hand. We quote the first stanza of the one first named. [page 193:]

Soft, O! how softly sleeping,

Shadowed by beamy she lies,

Dreams, as of rapture, creeping,

Smile by smile, over her eyes;

Lips, O! how sweetly parting,

As if the delight between,

With its own warm pulses starting,

Strove to go forth and be seen,

Whoever has written these two poems, will undoubtedly be distinguished.



This review was attributed as being by Poe by W. D. Hull.

The poems noted are both by W. Gilmore Simms. (They were collected in 1853.)


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