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[Text: Edgar Allan Poe (?), "Why Have the New Yorkers no Review?" (A), from The Evening Mirror (New York), January 8, 1845, p. 2, col. 1.]

[page 2, column 1, continued:]

WHY HAVE THE NEW YORKERS NO REVIEW? -- This is a query which may be fairly put. We are the chief city in the Union in all respects, and in no respect more especially than in the number and eminence of our literary men -- in the number and merit of the books they write -- and in all pints having reference to literature itself -- if we except that very point which is, perhaps, the most important of all -- respectable criticism upon what we do ourselves, and what is done in our vicinity by others. As matters stand at present, our literary people are at the mercy of the East, which has it all its own way. We have no proper indigenous vehicle in which even to defend our literary rights and views if assailed, as they very frequently are. Many of our best men complain of this evil; -- and, now, is there no mode in which it can be remedied?

[This comment was attributed to Poe by Mabbott in his notes at the University of Iowa, where he says "Part of Poe's campaign to est. [[establish]] a review -- prac. [[practically]] Sure -- see Willis in Jan 20, EM." It is not mentioned by Heartman & Canny or Hull.]

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