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[Text: Edgar Allan Poe (?), Notice of "A New Work by Cornelius Mathews" (A), from The Evening Mirror (New York), January 23, 1845, p. 2, col. 3.]

A NEW WORK, BY CORNELIUS MATHEWS. -- We learn that, some time in April next, Mr. Mathews will publish a new work of fiction with the title, "Big Abel and the Little Manhattan." It is not improbable that the finely humorous and fanciful paper, entitled "The Ghost of New York," which appeared in the Democratic Review for January, with Mr. Mathew's name prefixed, is a foretaste of te intended volume or volumes. Some of the very best things in our literature have been done by the author of "The Mound-Builders;" and we regret, for our own sakes, that the opinion we here express is more general in England than in America. Among the really illustrious Londoners who have done justice to Mr. M., we may mention Elizabeth Barrett and Douglas Jerrold.

[This item was attributed to Poe by T. O. Mabbott and W. D. Hull. Mabbott's notes at the University of Iowa say, "Poe's interest and position after grasshoppers makes prob. . . . Poe made up with C. M. [[Cornelius Mathews]]" An earlier note seems to suggest that Mabbott would "prob omit . . . subject suggestive but doubtful," with a later note "Barrett makes me more favorable." Of this item, Hull says, "This may very well be, in fact probably is, by Poe; the style is his." Hull goes on to note Poe's comments on Mathews, slamming Wakondah, but being more favorable in "Autography" and The Broadway Journal and Godey's reviews of Big Abel and Little Manhattan.]

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