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[Text: Edgar Allan Poe (?), Comment about "The Hon. Robert T. Conrad" (A), from The Evening Mirror (New York), February 15, 1845, p. 2, col. 3.]

The Hon. Robert T. Conrad.

It is with sincere regret that we hear of the serious illness of the Hon. Robert T. Conrad of Philadelphia. Having ruptured a blood vessel in the lungs, he now lies at the point of death. Judge Conrad is widely known as the author of the allowed best American tragedies, "Aylmere," written with an especial care to the dramatic abilities of Mr. Forrest, and, for this reason, defecting in some important particulars. The much-admired "Sonnets on the Lord's Prayer" and the "Lines on the Blind-Boy playing the flute" are also the composition of Judge Conrad. A biography of this gentleman, which, although highly complimentary, did him no more than absolute justice, appeared recently, with a portrait, in "Graham's Magazine."

[This item was attributed to Poe by T. O. Mabbott. Mabbott's notes at the University of Iowa say, "Commends (Poe's) article on Conrad in Graham's -- see ColSPY [[Columbia Spy]] for ref. To authorship" and "Sure TOM, Sept. 63." Also attributed to Poe by Hull, who quotes the article but offers little comment.]

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