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[Text: Edgar Allan Poe (?), Comment on "The Sanitary Condition of the Laboring Population of New York" (A), from The Evening Mirror (New York), February 15, 1845, p. 2, col. 3.]

THE SANITARY CONDITION OF THE LABORING POPULATION OF NE-YORK. -- With suggestions for its improvements. (A discourse, with additions, delivered Dec. 30th, 1844, at the repository of the American Institution. -- By John H. Griscom, M. D. Harper & Co.)

This pamphlet, the consideration of whose suggestions was coldly rejected by the Fathers of the city, is well worthy the perusal of all -- fathers, Mothers, and Children. Well said a certain wise man that "he that procures the passage of a GOOD LAW, better deserves the title of great, than he who conducts a war successfully." Would that many such heroes might arise among us, for no where are they more needed. The condition of the poor in this city, is horrible, after al the private and associated efforts that have been made for its amelioration. Something more is wanted -- something of wide reach, and having the sanction and the force of municipal authority. Strange that when economy is the watchword, such waste of wealth -- a nation's best wealth -- the strength, energy and activity of her citizens, should be permitted! strange that an "unproductive class" should be every day increasing upon us, with scarcely an effort on our part to prevent its wasting encroachments. Why need we be constantly building new prisons, when the outlays necessary for them judiciously applied in the way of prevention would obviate a necessity for any? Professor Griscom's book is an honest and an earnest effort to lay bare some of the causes of crime and misery among us, as such it must interest all who desire the peace and happiness of society.

[This item was attributed lightly to Poe by W. D. Hull as, "Certain touches suggest Poe, particularly in the last sentence, while others seem unlike him; it is perhaps his."]

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