Text: James A. Harrison, “Index to Appendix,” Complete Works of E. A. Poe , Vol. 01: Biography (1902), 1:427-430





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ALLAN, JOHN: did not legally adopt Poe, 343; Poe brought up in the family of, 344, 349; refuses to pay Poe’s “debts of honor,” 345; marries Miss Patterson, a relative of Gen. Winfield Scott, 345, 350.

“Annabel Lee”: Poe presents manuscript of, to Griswold, 357.

“Arthur Gordon Pym”: 353, 382.

Autobiography of E. A. Poe: 343.

“Autography”: 354.


“BALTIMORE Saturday Visiter, The”: awards prize to Poe for contributions, 345.

Barrett, Elizabeth B.: speaks of Poe’s tales, 386.

“Bells, The”: 396.

Bransby, Rev. Doctor: Poe attends school of, at Stoke Newington, 344, 350.

British journals: no trace of Poe’s contributions to, 344.

Browning, Robert: admiration of Poe by, 386.

Burton, W. E.: Poe’s engagement with, 346, 353.


CARTER, DR. JOHN F.: mentioned in connection with Poe’s autobiography, 343.

Channing, W. E.: his poems alluded to, 369.

Clemm, Mrs. Maria: her Preface to the Griswold edition of Poe’s works, 347; letter of, to N. P. Willie, 366.

Collier, Mr.: letter of, alluded to, 386.

Colton, Walter: writes to Griswold on his criticism of Poe, 348.

Cooke, P. Pendleton: paper of, on Poe, 383.


“DESCENT into the Maelström, A”: 387.

Dunglison, Dr.: president of University of Virginia, 345.


“EUREKA”: 353.


“FALL of the House of Usher”: alluded to by Griswold, 356; by J. R. Lowell, 379.

Fuller, Margaret: reviews Poe’s first volume of Poems in “New York Tribune,” 351.


GRAHAM, GEORGE R.: defence of Poe by, 399, et seq.

“Graham’s Magazine”: Poe writes for, 353.

Griswold, R. W.: Poe furnishes account of his early life to, 343; requested by Poe to be his literary executor, 347; writes biographical notice of Poe for ‘‘New York Tribune,” 348; Walter Colton to, on his criticism of Poe, 348; his obituary notice of Poe mentioned by N. P. Willis, 360.

Griswold, Mrs. Wm. M.: Poe’s manuscript autobiography in possession of, 343.


“HANS PHAAL”: 387.

“Haunted Palace, The”: 380.

Hawks, Dr.: invites Poe to write for “New York Review,” 346.

“Heart, The Tell-Tale”: 388.

Henry, Professor: invites Poe to write for “New York Review,” 346.

“Home Journal, The”: biographical sketch of Poe in, 347, 360.


KENNEDY, JOHN P.: on committee to award prizes to contributors to “Baltimore Saturday Visiter,” 345, 351.


LAFAYETTE: Gen., David Poe an intimate friend of, 344, 345.

Latrobe, J. H. B.: on committee to award prizes to contributors to “Baltimore Saturday Visiter,” 345.

“Lenore”: 381.

Lewis, Mr.: of Brooklyn, assists Poe, 354.

Lewis, Mrs. Estelle Anna: requested by Poe to write his life, 347.

“Ligeia”: 374, 388.

Longfellow, H. W.: tribute of, to Poe, 398.

Lowell, James Russell: sketch of Poe, 347.

“Ludwig Article, The”: 348.


MCBRIDE, Admiral JAMES: daughter of, marries John Poe, father of Gen. David Poe, 344, 349.

McBride, Jane: daughter of Admiral James McBride, mother of Gen. David Poe, 344, 349.

“Marginalia”: 353.

Middleton, Henry: American consul at St. Petersburg, befriends Poe, 345, 350.

Miller, Dr. J. H.: on committee to award prizes to contributors to “Baltimore Saturday Visiter,” 345.

“MS. Found in a Bottle”: 388.


NEAL, John: alluded to, 374.

“New York Review”: Poe writes for, 346.


PATTERSON, Miss: marries John Allan, 345.

Perry, Edgar A.: assumed name of Poe in U. S. army, 343.

Poe, Gen. David: service of, in the Revolution, 344, 349; an intimate friend of Lafayette, 344.

Poe, Mrs. David: mother of the poet: died of pneumonia, 343.

Poe, Edgar A.: autobiography of, 343; in the University of Virginia, 343, 345; no trace of his contribution to British journals, 344; goes to school to Rev. Doctor Bransby at Stoke Newington, England, 344, 350; Mr. John Allan refuses to pay his “debts of honor,” 345; desires R. W. Griswold to be his literary executor, and N. P. Willis to write observations upon his life and character, 347; attempts to join revolutionary army in Greece, 345, 350; visits St. Petersburg, 345, 350; goes to West Point as a cadet, 345, 350; leaves West Point, 345, 350; prints a small volume of poems in 1827, 350; conducts “Broadway Journal,” 353; writes for “Graham’s Magazine,” 353; publishes volume of “Tales,” 353; presents manuscript of “Annabel Lee” to Griswold, 357; N. P. Willis on death of, 360, et seq.; early efforts of, compared by Willis, with those of Shakspeare, Milton, Pope, Collins, Chatterton, Kirke, White, Southey, Watts, Coleridge, Byron, Wordsworth, and Cowley, 371, 372; P. Pendleton Cooke on, 383; obituary memoir of, by John R. Thompson, 392; tribute of Longfellow to, 398; defence of, by George R. Graham, 399, et seq.

Poe, Mrs. Edgar A. (Virginia Clemm): death of, 354.

Poe, John: father of Gen. David Poe, 344, 349.


“RAVEN, The”: alluded to by Griswold, 356; observation of N. P. Willis on, 359; praise of, by P. P. Cooke, 384; mention of, 397.

Redfield, J. S.: publishes Griswold’s edition of Poe’s works, 347.



“Sketches of the Literati of New York”: 354.

“Southern Literary Messenger”: Poe invited to assume editorship of, 345, 352.

Stoke Newington: Poe attends Rev. Doctor Bransby’s school at, 344, 350.

“Stylus, The”: 363.


THOMPSON, JOHN R.: obituary memoir of Poe by, 392.

“To Helen”: 373.

“To One in Paradise”: 391.

“Tribune, New York”: biographical notice of Poe in, 348.


“ULALUME”: alluded to, 363.

“Universe, The”: subject of Poe’s lecture, 364.

University of Virginia: Poe enters, 343, 345, 350.


“VALDEMAR Case, The”: 386.


WEBB, Colonel: collects money to assist Poe, 354.

Weiss, Mrs. S, A.: mentioned in connection with Poe’s autobiography, 343.

White, T. W.: writes Poe to assume editorship of “Southern Literary Messenger,” 345, 352.

Willis, N. P.: requested by Poe to write observations on his (Poe’s) life and character, 347.





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