Text: Robert A. Stewart (ed. J. A. Harrison), “Abbreviations,” The Complete Works of Edgar Allan PoeVol. V: Tales - part 04 (1902), 5:312


[page 312:]


o. — Omit.

o. c. — Omit comma or commas.

o. h. — Omit hyphen.

o. a. — Omit dash.

o. q. m. — Omit quotation marks.

o. a. — Omit accent.

s. l. — Small letter.

cap. — Capital.

i. — Italics.

n. i. — Not italics.

p. — Page.

l — Line.

The dates 1840, 1843, 1845, refer to the respective collected editions.

The first group of each body of notes gives the variations of the earliest collated form of the tale from the text of the edition, the reading of the text standing first, with the corresponding reading of the collated form in parentheses. In order to economize space, the second, third, or fourth state was in most cases collated with the earliest forms, the reading of the later form being placed first in the notes, with the earliest form in parentheses.





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