Text: Robert A. Stewart (ed. J. A. Harrison), “Notes to Mellonta Tauta,” The Complete Works of Edgar Allan PoeVol. VI: Tales - part 05 (1902), 6:295-296


[page 295, continued:]



The text follows the Lady’s Book, the few variations of Griswold from the text being noted below.

The following letter is prefixed to “Mellonta Tauta” in the Lady’s Book:

To the Editor of the Lady’s Book:

I have the honor of sending you, for your magazine, an article which I hope you will be able to comprehend rather more distinctly than I do myself. It is a translation, by my friend Martin Van Buren Mavis, (sometimes called the “Poughkeepsie Seer,”) of an odd-looking MS. which I found, about a year ago, tightly corked up in a jug floating in the Mare Tenebrarum — a sea well described by the Nubian geographer, but seldom visited, now-a-days, except by the transcendentalists and divers for crotchets.

Very Truly,


[page 296:]

Variations of Griswold from text.

Page 197 l. 4 , as (o. c.) page 198 l. 8 with (n. i.) l. 12 traveling (travelling) l. 17 drag rope (drag-rope) page 199 l. 23 the (- the -) l. 29 cat-peltries (o. h.) l. 32 , every (o. c.) page 200 l. 12 Atalantic (Atlantic) page 201 l. 13 ? (!) page 202 l. 3 à (o. a.) l. 11, and (o. c.) page 203 l. 27 nihil (, nihil) page 205 l. 9 by (B) l. 9 the (-the-) l. 20 say, (o. c.) l. 23 , too (o. c.) page 206 l. 2 be (n. i.) I. 11, theorize (o.c.) l. 27-30 traveling (travelling) page 207 l. 3 traveling (travelling) page 209 l. 18 the (- the -) l. 31 and (, and) page 211 l. 2-4 traveling (travelling) l. 32 papers: (;) page 213 l. 16 chiseled (chisseled).





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