Text: Charles W. Kent (notes) Robert A. Stewart (variants) (ed. J. A. Harrison), “Notes to To One in Paradise,” The Complete Works of Edgar Allan PoeVol. VII: Poems (1902), pp. 202-203


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Page 86.

SOUTHERN LITERARY MESSENGER [“The Visionary”], JULY, 1835; BROADWAY JOURNAL, I. 19, I. 23 [“The Assignation”]. | “To Ianthe in Heaven,” BURTONS GENTLEMANS MAGAZINE, JULY, 1839; TALES [“The Visionary”], 1840; PHILADELPHIA SATURDAY MUSEUM, MARCH 4, 1843; 1845 | GODEYS LADYS BOOK [“The Visionary”], JANUARY, 1844.

Text, 1845, with Lorimer Graham corrections.

As the variations of this poem as occurring in Godey’ s Lady’s Book; Southern Literary Messenger; Tales, 1840; Broadway Journal, I. 23, will be found in the notes to “The Assignation [Visionary],” it is regarded as unnecessary to give the variations from the text in full.

The verbal variations are as follows:

Godey’s: I. 1 all that (that all) 5 with ... and (round with wild) II. 1 But the dream it could not last. 2 Young Hope! thou didst arise. 5 “On! on” — but (“Onward ”) 6 but (while) III. 2 Ambition — all — is o’er IV. 1 days (hours) 3 grey (dark) 4 solemn (breaking) 6 eternal (Italian) 7 what (far). After 6 insert:

Alas! for that accursed time

They bore thee o’er the billow [page 203:]

From me to titled age and crime

And an unholy pillow —

From Love, and from our misty clime

Where weeps the silver willow.

The Southern Literary Messenger has the same variations except around about with for round with wild I. 5; And the star of Hope did rise for Young ... arise II. 2; solemn for breaking, IV. 4; me for Love, l. 5; and Love for me, l. 5 [stanza above]. 1840 shows no verbal variations from the Southern Literary Messenger form.

The following are the verbal variations of Broadway Journal, I. 23, from the text:

I. 1 all that (that all) 5 “On! on” — but (“Onward ”) IV. 1 And (Now) 6 eternal (Italian).

The following are the variations (in full) of the form in Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine, entitled “To Ianthe in Heaven’’:

I. 4 shrine, (o. c.) 5. wreathed (wreath’d) 5 with ... fruits (around about with) 5 flowers, (—) 6 all ... were (the flowers, they all were) II. 1 (But the dream, it could not last ;) 2 (And the star of Hope did rise) 3 overcast! (.) cries, (o. c.) 5 “On! on!’‘ — but (“Onward!” — while) 5 Past, (o. c.) 6 lies, (o. c.) III. 1 For, (o. c.) 1 me (me,) 2 Ambition, all, is o’er — )3 — no more — (, no more,) 3 more — ‘’ (“) 6 tree, (o. c.) 7 soar! (.) IV. 1 days (hours) 3 grey (dark) 4 gleams — (,).

Variations of Broadway Journal, I. 19, from the text.

III. 3 omit IV. 3 grey (dark).


Note the fondness for the recurring no more.





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