Edgar Allan Poe — “Landor's Cottage”





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Reading and Reference Texts:

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  • “Landor's Cottage” — reading copy


Historical Texts:

Manuscripts and Authorized Printings:

  • Text-01 — “Landor's Cottage” — late 1848 or early 1849 — (There are no known draft manuscripts or scratch notes reflecting the original effort of composition.)
  • Text-02 — “Landor's Cottage” — about January-June 1849
    • Text-02a — “Landor's Cottage” — about mid-January 1849 — manuscript, now lost (Speculated faircopy manuscript prepared for publication. This manuscript is noted in Poe's letter to Annie Richmond, January 21, 1849. It was first sent to Israel Post, for his new magazine the Metropolitan. When that periodical ceased publication after only two issues, the manuscript was returned to Poe, who then sent it to the Flag of Our Union, about April or May 1849, where it was first printed. This manuscript has apparently not survived, but is presumably recorded in Text-02b.)
    • Text-02b — “Landor's Cottage” — June 9, 1849 — Flag of Our Union — (Mabbott text A) (For Griswold's 1850 reprint of this item, see the entry below.)



  • Landor's Cottage” — 1850 — WORKS — (Griswold reprints Text-02b, with only a few minor editorial changes and corrections) (Mabbott text B — This is Mabbott's copy-text)
  • “Landor's Cottage” — 1852 — Tales of Mystery and Imagination and Humour; and Poems, London: Henry Vizetelly (An undated edition appears about the same time, published by Charles H. Clark and Samuel Orchart Beeton, and their name appears as publisher for the second series), second series pp. 184-198. (with 1 woodcut illustration)
  • “Landor's Cottage” — 1867 — Prose Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, first series (New York: W. J. Widdleton), pp. 404-416 (This collection is extracted from the 1850-1856 edition of Poe's Works. It was reprinted several times.)
  • Landor's Cottage” — 1874 — Works of Edgar A. Poe, edited by J. H. Ingram, vol. 1, pp. 320-332 (This collection was subsequently reprinted in various forms)


Scholarly and Noteworthy Reprints:

  • Landor's Cottage” — 1894-1895 — The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, vol. 2: Tales, eds. E. C. Stedman and G. E. Woodberry, Chicago: Stone and Kimball (2:113-129)
  • Landor's Cottage” — 1902 — The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe, vol. 6: Tales V, ed. J. A. Harrison, New York: T. Y. Crowell (6:255-271, and 6:297)
  • Landor's Cottage” — 1978 — The Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe, vol. 3: Tales & Sketches II, ed. T. O. Mabbott, Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press (3:1325-1343)
  • “Landor's Cottage” — 1984 — Edgar Allan Poe: Poetry and Tales, ed. Patrick F. Quinn (New York: Library of America), pp. 886-898


Comparative and Study Texts:

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Associated Material and Special Versions:

Miscellaneous Texts and Related Items:

  • “Le cottage Landor” — (French translation by Charles Baudelaire)
    • “Le cottage Landor” — June 24, 1865 — La Vie Parisienne
    • “Le cottage Landor” — 1865 — Histoires grotesques et sérieuses, Paris: Michel Lévy frères
  • “Landor's Cottage” — 2017 — Audio book (unabridged), read by Chris Aruffo



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