Check List of the Correspondence of Edgar Allan Poe — Part VII: Reference Items


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~~ 1817-1849 ~~

1817, Aug. 14


J. Allan to G. Dubourg. Stanard, p. 17 (excerpts); Quinn, p. 71. MS at ViRVAL.

1824, Nov. 1


J. Allan to Wm. H. L. Poe. Allen, 1:125; Robertson, Bibliography, 2:40 (F); Quinn, p. 89. MS copy from Allan’s records at DLC (Ellis-Allan papers).

1835, 18 May


H. C. Carey to J. P. Kennedy. Sewanee Review (Jan. 1917) 25:197-198, and The Poe Log, p. 152. MS at MdBJ-P.

1835, Oct. 7


Mrs. M. Clemm to Wm. Poe. H [Works] 17:379, where it is misdated “1836”. MS unlocated. (Formerly in the collection of Mrs. W. Y. Dill, a granddaughter of Wm. Poe.)

1836, Jan. 26


B. Tucker to T. W. White. W [1909] 1:154-156. MS at MB (Griswold).

1836, Oct. 4


E. Wm. Johnston to T. W. White. The Poe Log, pp. 229-228. MS at TxU-Hu. (Formerly in the collection of Wm. H. Koester.)

1841, June 8


F. W. Thomas to R. W. Griswold. Passages from the Correspondence and Other Papers of R. W. Griswold, ed. Wm. Griswold, Cambridge, (MA: Wm. M. Griswold, 1898), p. 66; The Poe Log, pp. 328-329.

1843, March 12


J. E. Dow to T. C. Clarke. Gill, pp. 120-122; H [Works], 17:381-382. MS unlocated.

1845, Aug 13.


A. M. Ide, Jr. to J. Bisco. The Poe Log, p. 561 (excerpt). MS at ViRP.

1845, Aug. 23


L. Minor to J. Bisco. Parke-Bernet sale, 15-16 January 1941, item 321 (quoted).

1846, Nov. 30


J. Neal to Mrs. M. S. Gove, 30 Nov. 1846. Quinn, pp. 152-153, cited. MS at MB.

1846, April 25


Miss M. Neal to Mrs. F. S. Osgood. Passages from the Correspondence of R. W. Griswold, ed. Wm. Griswold, pp. 203-204.

1846-1847 - late


MS of Living Writers, reprinted in Pollin, “The Living Writers of America: A Manuscript by EAP,” SAR 1991, pp. 151-211. MS at CsmH.

1848, Sept. 25


E. Bowen to A. S. Whitaker. MS at PP (Gimbel).

1848, Nov. 16


Mrs. M. Clemm to Mrs. A. L. Richmond.

1848, Nov. - Dec.


Mrs. M. Clemm to Mrs. A. L. Richmond. Miller, BPB, pp. 24-25. MS fragment at ViU (Ingram, item 52).

1849, Aug. 4, and Sept. 3


Mrs. M. Clemm to Mrs. A. L. Richmond. Miller, BPB, pp. 27-32. MSS unlocated; transcripts by Ingram at ViU (Ingram, items 60 and 61).

1849, Sept. 15


Mrs. M. Clemm to Mrs. Richmond. Miller, BPB, pp. 32-33. MS at ViU (Ingram, item 62).

1849, Sept. 22


Mrs. Shelton to Mrs. Clemm. Quinn, pp. 634-635. MS at MdBE.

1849, Nov. 22


G. Lippard to R. W. Griswold. MS at MB (Griswold).


~~ 1850-1899 ~~

1850, May 20


Mrs. Clemm to G. W. Eveleth. MS unlocated; transcript by Eveleth at ViU. Miller, BPB, p. 37.

1851, March 28


T. H. Chivers to R. W. Griswold. H [Works] 17:408.

1852, Dec. 8


Mrs. M. Clemm to T. H. Chivers, 8 Dec. 1852. Chase & Parks, pp. 174.

1860, Aug. 26


Mrs. M. Clemm to N. Poe. Miller, BPB, pp. 50-51. MS unlocated; transcript by N. H. Morison at ViU (Ingram, item 94).

1875, Jan. 23


Mrs. M. L. Shew to Ingram. Miller, J. H. Ingram’s Poe Collection, Charlottesville: U. VA Press, 1960, item 197. MS at ViU (Ingram, item 197).

1875, Oct. 12


Mrs. S. H. Whitman to J. H. Ingram. Miller, Poe’s Helen, p. 339. MS at RBP.

1875, Oct. 25


Mrs. S. H. Whitman to J. H. Ingram. Miller, Poe’s Helen, pp. 344-349. MS at RBP.

1875, Nov. 19


E. V. Valentine, “Conversation with Mrs. Shelton,” The Poe Log, p. 74. MS at ViRVal.

1876, Oct. 3


Mrs. A. L. Richmond to J. H. Ingram. Miller, BPB, pp. 24-25. MS at ViU (Ingram, item 301).

1877, Jan. 14


Mrs. A. L. Richmond to J. H. Ingram. Miller, BPB, p. 158. MS at ViU (Ingram, item 310).

1877, March 13


Mrs. A. L. Richmond to J. H. Ingram. Miller, BPB, p. 163-166. MS at ViU (Ingram, item 318).

n. d. - 1881 (?)


MS recollections of T. H. Ellis. Harrison, “New Glimpses of Poe,” Independent (6 Sept. 1900, 52:2158-2161); Quinn, p. 118 (excerpt). These recollections may date from 1881, since Ellis wrote a letter published in the Richmond Standard, May 7, 1881. MS at ViRVal.



The present Check List is a revision and an expansion of Ostrom's A Check List of Letters to and from Poe (published as No. 4 in the Bibliographical Series sponsored by the Alderman Library of the University of Virginia, 1941) and subsequent editions (1948, 1966, 1974, and 1981). As a result of considerable study and analysis of Poe's correspondence and various other resources, the original list has been essentially eclipsed, and even the revised versions have now been supplanted. (The present Check List was originally developed as a web-based version of Ostrom's 1981 “Revised Check List,” with numerous corrections made by Jeffrey A. Savoye. That corrected and improved Check List was incorporated in the 2008 edition of The Collected Letters of Edgar Allan Poe.) Additional corrections to the present Check List are solicited, and may be provided through the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore.

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