Text: Edgar Allan Poe to John Allan — March 20, 1827 (LTR-006)


Richmond   Tuesday

Dear Sir,

Be so good as to send me my trunk with my clothes — I wrote to you on yesterday explaining my reasons for leaving — I suppose by my not receiving either my trunk, or an answer to my letter, that you did not receive it — I am in the greatest necessity, not having tasted food since Yesterday morning. I have no where to sleep at night, but roam about the Streets — I am nearly exhausted — I beseech you as you wish not your prediction concerning me to be fulfilled — to send me without delay my trunk containing my clothes, and to lend if you will not give me as much money as will defray the expence of my passage to <bos> Boston (.$12,) and a little to support me there untill [[sic]] I shall be enabled to engage in some business — I sail on Saturday — A letter will be received by me at the Court House Tavern, where be so good as to send my trunk —

Give my love to all at home —
I am Your's &c.
Edgar A Poe

I have not one cent in the world to provide any food



This letter is printed here with permission from the Valentine Museum in Richmond, Virginia. A photographic facsimile of this letter was published in Mary Newton Stanard, Edgar Allan Poe Letters Till Now Unpublished in the Valentine Museum, Richmond, Virginia, Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott, 1925.


[S:0 - MS, 1827] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Letters - Poe to J. Allan (LTR006/RCL013)