Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Thomas W. White — June 12, 1835 (LTR-044)


Bal: June 12th 1835.

My Dear Sir,

I take the opportunity of sending this M.S. by private hand. Your letter of June 8th I reed yesterday morning together with the Magazines. In reply to your kind enquiries after my health I am glad to say that I have entirely recovered — although Dr Buckler, no longer than 3 weeks ago, assured me that nothing but a sea-voyage would save me. I will do my best to please you in relation to Marshall's Washington if you will send it on. By what time would you wish the M.S. of the Review?

I suppose you have recd Mr Calverts’ communication. He will prove a valuable correspondent. I will send you on The American & Republican as soon as the critiques come out. What I can do farther to aid the circulation of your Magazine I will gladly do — but I must insist on your not sending me any remuneration for services of this nature. They are a pleasure to me & no trouble whatever.

Very sincerely
Edgar A Poe

I congratulate you upon obtaining the services of Mr S. He has a high reputation for talent.

Mr T. W. White.





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Letters - Poe to T. W. White (LTR044/RCL086)