Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Nathaniel Beverley Tucker — May 2, 1836 (LTR-062)


Richmond May 2. 1836.

Dear Sir,

At Mr White's request I write to apologise for the omission of your verses “To a Coquette” in the present number of the Messenger. Upon making up the form containing them it was found impossible to get both the pieces in, and their connection one with the other rendered it desirable not to separate them — they were therefore left for the May number.

I must also myself beg your pardon for making a few immaterial alterations in your article on Slavery, with a view of so condensing it as to get it in the space remaining at the end of the number. One very excellent passage in relation to the experience of a sick bed has been, necessarily, omitted altogether.

It would give me great pleasure to hear your opinion of the February, and of the April number of the Messenger — I mean of the Editorial articles. It is needless for me to say that I value your good opinion, and wish to profit by your counsel.

Please present my best respects to Professor Dew.

With the highest esteem

Yr Ob. St
Edgar A Poe

Will you ask Mr Saunders what has become of the article he promised us?





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Letters - Poe to N. B. Tucker (LTR062/RCL136)