Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Washington Irving — June 7, 1836 (LTR-067a)


Richmond June 7. 1836

Dr. Sir,

At the request of Mr. T. W. White, I take the liberty of addressing you, and of soliciting, in the name and for the sake of Virginian Literature, some little contribution to our Southern Literary Messenger. I am aware that you are continually pestered with such applications, and am willing to believe that I have very little >>hope<< chance of success in this attempt to engage you in our interest. Yet it is right that the effort should be made.

One argument, or rather one reason, will, I think, have its influence with you. Our publication is the first literary attempt of Virginia, and has been, for eighteen months, forcing its way, unaided, and against a host of difficulties, into the public attention. We wish, if possible, to strike a bold stroke which may establish us on a securer footing than we now hold. We design to issue, as soon as possible, a number of the Journal consisting altogether of articles from distinguished Americans, whose names will give weight and character to this work. To aid us in this attempt would cost you hardly an effort, as any spare scrap in your portfolio would answer our main purpose — and to us your aid would be invaluable.

With the highest respect,

Yr. Ob. St
Edgar A Poe

Washington Irving Esqr





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