Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Peter S. Du Ponceau — June 18, 1836 (LTR-069a)


Richmond — Va
June 18, 1836

Dear Sir,

At the request of Mr Thomas W. White, Proprietor of the “Southern Literary Messenger” I take the liberty of addressing you, with a view of requesting some little contribution to our Magazine.

It is our design to issue, as soon as possible, a number of the Messenger consisting altogether of contributions from our most distinguished literati, and we would consider it as the highest honor if you would allow us to publish upon this occasion, some little scrap from your pen. Any brief thesis — philological essay — historical reminiscence — scientific treatise — criticism — any thing, in short, with your name would sufficiently answer our purpose. By obliging us in this matter you would, at the same time, be rendering a service to the cause of Southern Literature.

With the highest respect

Yr Mo. Ob. St.
Edgar A Poe

Peter S. Duponceau





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Letters - Poe to P. S. Du Ponceau (LTR069a/RCL150a)