Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Joseph Evans Snodgrass — October 7, 1839 (LTR-083)


Phil: Oct: 7, 39

My dear Sir

I read your kind letter and now write a few hasty words in reply, merely to thank you for your exertions in my behalf, and to say that I send today, the Octo. No. 2. We have been delayed with it, for various reasons.

I felt that N. Poe, would not insert the article editorially. In your private ear, I believe him to be the bitterest enemy I have in the world. He is the more despicable in this, since he makes loud professions of friendship. Was it “relationship &c.” which prevented him saying any thing at all of the 2 or 3 last Nos. of the Gents’ Mag? I cannot account for his hostility except in being vain enough to imagine him jealous of the little literary reputation I have, of late years, obtained. But enough of the little dog.

I sincerely thank you for the interest you have taken in my well-doing. The friendship of a man of talent, who is at the same time a man of honorable feeling, is especially valuable in these days of double dealing. I hope I shall always deserve your good opinion.

In the Octo. no: all the criticisms are mine — also the gymnastic article.

My book will be out in the begg [[beginning]] of No.r

In haste, yours most truly
Edgar A Poe

Have you any of the Nos: of the S. Lit. Mess.r from No 7, vol I — to No 6. vol 2? both inclusive. Or do you know anyone who has them?

Dr. J. E. Snodgrass.





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Letters - Poe to J. E. Snodgrass (LTR083/RCL209)