Text: Edgar Allan Poe to J. and Henry G. Langley — July 18, 1842 (LTR-141a)



Enclosed I have the honor to send you an article which I should be pleased if you would accept for the “Democratic Review.” I am desperately pushed for money; and, in the event of Mr O'sullivan's liking the “Landscape-Garden,” I would take it as an especial favor if you could mail me the amount due for it, so as to reach me here by the 21rst, on which day I shall need it. Can you possibly oblige me in this? If you accept the paper I presume you will allow me your usual sum, whatever that is for similar contributions — but I set no price — leaving all to your own liberality. The piece will make 8 of your pages and rather more. Will you be kind enough to put the best possible interpretation upon my behavior while in N-York? You must have conceived a queer idea of me — but the simple truth is that Wallace would insist upon the juleps, and I knew not what I was either doing or saying. The Review of Dawes which I offered you was deficient in a 1/2 page of commencement, which I had written to supersede the old beginning, and which gave the article the character of a general & retrospective review. No wonder you did not take it — I should have been very much mortified if you ha>>n<<d. I hope to see you at some future time, under better auspices.

In the meantime I remain

Yours very truly
E A Poe

Should the M.S. not be accepted, please return it as soon as possible, by mail, enveloped as now.





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Letters - Poe to J. and H. G. Langley (LTR141a/RCL382)