Text: Edgar Allan Poe to James Russell Lowell — December 25, 1842 (LTR-149)


My Dear Friend

I send you a brief poem for No 2, with my very best wishes.

I duly received yours of the 19th and thank you for reversing the judgment of Mr Tuckerman — the author of the “Spirit of Poesy” — which, by the way, is somewhat of a misnomer — since no spirit appears.

Touching the “Miscellany” — had I known of Mr T's accession, I should not have ventured to send an article. Should he, at any time, accept an effusion of mine, I should ask myself what twattle I had been perpetrating, so flat as to come within the scope of his approbation. He writes, through his publishers, —”if Mr Poe would condescend to furnish more quiet articles he would be a most desirable correspondent.” All I have to say is that if Mr T. persists in his quietude, he will put a quietus to the Magazine of which Mess. Bradbury & Soden have been so stupid as to give him control.

I am all anxiety to see your first number. In the meantime, believe me

[[Rest of MS. cut off]]





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Letters - Poe to J. R. Lowell (LTR149/RCL407)