Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Thomas. H. Chivers — August 29, 1845 (LTR-207)


New-York: Aug. 29

My Dear Friend,

I sit down, in the midst of all the hurry of getting out the paper, to reply to your letter, dated 25th. What can you be thinking about? You complain of me for not doing things which I had no idea that you wanted done. Do you not see that my short letter to you was written on the very day in which yours was addressed to me? How, then, could you expect mine to be a reply to yours? You must have been making a voyage to “Dreamland”.

What you say about the $50, too, puzzles me. You write — “Well I suppose you must have it” — but it does not come. Is it possible that you mailed it in the letter? I presume not; but that you merely refer to your intention of sending it. For Heaven's sake do — as soon as you get this — for almost everything (as concerns the paper) depends upon it. It would be a thousand pities to give up just as every thing flourishes. As soon as, by hook or by crook, I can get Wiley & Putnam's book done, I shall have plenty of money — $500 at least — & will punctually repay you.

I have been making all kinds of inquiries about the “broken” money — but as yet have not found it. To day I am on a new scent & may possibly succeed. The “Southern Patriot” is published in Charleston. I have no copy — but you can see it anywhere on file [page 2:] I presume, at Washington. The “Morning News” of this city had, also, a handsome notice, digested from mine in the B. J. Colton's Magazine will also have a favorable one. You may depend upon it that I will take good care of you interest & fame, but let me do it in my own way.

Thank you for the play — poems — and Luciferian Revelation — as soon as I get a chance I will use them. The L. R. is great — &your last poem is a noble one. I send on to day, the books you mention.

Virginia and Mrs Clemm send their warmest love to you & your wife & children. We all feel as if we knew your family.

God bless you, my friend.

Truly yours,

I have not touched a drop of the “ashes” since you left N. Y. — & I am resolved not to touch a drop as long as I live. I will be with you as soon as it is in any manner possible. I depend on youfor the $50.





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