Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Jerome A. Maubey — April 28, 1846 (LTR-230)


New-York April 28. 46.

Dear Sir,

You have, evidently, supposed me editor of “Godey's Magazine” and sent me the poem (a very beautiful one) under that supposition. It has been returned to me from Phild I am not connected, at present, with any journal in which I could avail myself of your talents —

Truly your
E A Poe



Maubey's poem still accompanied this letter when it was sold as a lot at the auction of George D. Smith on March 14, 1921 for $72.50 (American Book-Prices Current, 1921, p. 997). The title of the poem was “The Toilette.” Maubey apparently resubmitted the poem directly to Godey's, which did not look upon it as graciously as Poe did. The Editor's Table for October 1846, referring to items which have been accepted and rejected, says, “The following are leaves scattered and blown away — ‘Lines to an Old Friend,’ . . . . ‘The Toilette,’ . . . .” (p. 190, column 2).

Godey's Magazine did publish a poem by “Jerome A. Mabey” (called “The Mystery of Reminiscence,” in April 1853 (vol. XLVI, p. 363). The Knicerbocker published another poem by Jerome A. Mabey (called “Alithea”) in 1856 (vol. XLVII, p. 344). The poem “The Toilette” was published in the Columbian Magazine (vol. VI, p. 179). The name was again given as “;Jerome A. Mabey.”)


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