Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Frederick W. Thomas — August 24, 1846 (LTR-240a)


New-York — August 24. 46

My Dear Thomas,

I send the MS. to the address you desire — all of it not published in the “Broadway Journal”. Should you wish copies of the portion published I think I may be able to find them.

You make no allusion in your letter to the subject of your last, and I have misgivings that you may not have received the reply which I promptly and cordially sent. My reason for fearing this is first, that you say nothing, and, secondly that I trusted my letter to the driver of the stage which passed my door — I then lived out of town 5 miles on the Bloomingdale road. I am a neglectful correspondent, because I am often out of my wits through a press of business, but I should be grieved were you to think that in a matter of so much importance I had failed you.

I dare not say one word, dear friend, on the final topic of your letter just received. For sorrows such as this there is no consolation but in unrestrained grief. May God bless you.

Most cordially yours
Edgar A. Poe





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Letters - Poe to F. W. Thomas (LTR240a/RCL655a)