Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Arch Ramsay — December 30, 1846 (LTR-245)


New York December 30. 46.

Dr Sir,

“Hoax” is precisely the word suited to M. Valdemar's case. The story appeared originally in “The American Review”, a Monthly Magazine, published in this city. The London papers, commencing with the “Morning Post” and the “Popular Record of Science”, took up the theme. The article was generally copied in England and is now circulating in France. Some few persons believe it — but I do not — and don’t you.

Very Respy

Yr Ob. St
Edgar A Poe

P.S, I have some relations, I think, in Stonehaven, of the name of Allan, who again are connected with the Allans and Galts of Kilmarnock. My name is Edgar Allan Poe. Do you know any of them. If so, and it would not put you to too much trouble, I would take it as a favor if you could give me some account of the family.

To A. Ramsay Esqr





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Letters - Poe to A. Ramsay (LTR245/RCL665)