Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Robert T. Conrad — August 10, 1847 (LTR-255)


New-York August 10. 1847.

Dear Sir,

Permit me to thank you, in the first place, very sincerely, for your considerate kindness to me while in Philadelphia. Without your aid, at the precise moment and in the precise manner in which you rendered it, it is more than probable that I should not now be alive to write you this letter. Finding myself exceedingly ill — so much so that I had no hope except in getting home immediately — I made several attempts to see Mr Graham and at last saw him for a few minutes just as he was about returning to Cape May. He was very friendly — more so than I have ever known him, and requested me to write continuously for the Mag. As you were not present, however, and it was uncertain when I could see you, I obtained an advance of $10 from Mr G. in order that I might return home at once — and thinking it, also, more proper to leave you time in which to look over the articles.

I would be deeply obliged if you could now give me an answer respecting them. Should you take both, it will render me, just now, the most important service. I owe Mr G. about $50. The articles, at the old price ($4 per page) will come to $90 — so [page 2:] that, if you write me that they are accepted, I propose to draw on Mr G. for $40 — thus squaring our account.

Very gratefully your friend
Edgar A. Poe

P.S. I settled my bill with Arbuckle before leaving Phil. but am not sure >>whether it included<< how much I owe yourself for the previous bill etc. Please let me know.





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