Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Annie L. Richmond — January 11, 1849 (LTR-298)


[[. . . .]] Annie! [[. . . .]]

It seems to me so long since I have written you that I feel condemned, and almost tremble lest you should have evil thoughts of [. . . . .] Eddy.... But no, you will never doubt me under any circumstances — will you [[. . . . .]]? [[. . . . .]] It seems to me that Fate is against our meeting again soon — but oh, we will not let distance diminish our affection, and by-and-by all will go right. Oh, Annie, in spite of so many worldly sorrows — in spite of all the trouble and misrepresentation (so hard to bear) that Poverty has entailed on me for so long a time — in spite of all this I am so — so happy to think that you really love me. If you had lived as long as I, you would understand fully what I mean. Indeed, indeed, Annie, there is nothing in this world worth living for except love — love not such as I once thought I felt for Mrs. but such as burns in my very soul for you — so pure — so unworldly — a love which would make all sacrifices for your sake. [I need not tell you, Annie, how great a burden is taken off my heart by my rupture with Mrs. W.; for I have fully made up my mind to break the engagement. [[ . . . ]]

Could I have accomplished what I wished, no sacrifice would have seemed to me too great, I felt so burning — so intensely passionate a longing to show you that I loved you [[. . . .]] Nothing would have deterred me from the match but — what I tell you. [[. . . .]]

Write to me [[. . . .]] whenever you can spare time, if it be only a line [[. . . .]] I am beginning to do very well about money as my spirits improve, and soon — very soon, I hope, I shall be quite out of difficulty. You can’t think how industrious I am. I am resolved to get rich — to triumph — for your sweet sake. [[. . . .]] Kiss dear Sarah for me — tell her I will write to her soon — we talk so much about her. When you write tell me something about B[ardwell]. Has he gone to Richmond? or what is he doing? Oh, if I could only be of service to him in any way! Remember me to all — to your father and mother and dear little Caddy, and Mr. R. and Mr. C. And now good-by, my own dear sister Annie!





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Letters - Poe to A. L. Richmond (LTR298/RCL763)