Text: Edgar Allan Poe to John R. Thompson — January 13, 1849 (LTR-299)


New-York — Jan. 13. — 49.

My Dear Sir,

Accept my thanks for the two Messengers containing Miss Talley's “Genius.” — I am glad to see that Griswold, although imperfectly, has done her justice in his late “Female Poets of America.”

Enclosed, I send you the opening chapter of an article, called “Marginalia”, published, about three years ago, in “The Democratic Review”. I send it that, by glancing it over — especially the prefatory remarks — you may perceive the general design — which I think well adapted to the purposes of such a Magazine as yours: — affording great scope for variety of critical or other comment. I may add that “Marginalia”, continued for five or six chapters, proved as popular as any papers written by me. — My object in writing you now, is to propose that I continue the papers in “The Messenger” — running them through the year, at the rate of s pages each month — commencing with the March number. You might afford me, as before, I presume, $2 per page.

One great advantage will be that, at a hint from yourself, I can touch, briefly, any topic you might suggest; and there are many points affecting the interests of Southern Letters — especially in reference to Northern neglect or misrepresentation of them — which stand sorely in need of touching. — If you think well of my proposal, I will send you the two first numbers [page 2:] (10 pp.) immediately on receipt of a letter from you. You can pay me at your convenience — as the papers are published — or otherwise.

Please re-enclose me the printed papers, when you have done with them.

Very truly yours,
Edgar Allan Poe

Jno: R. Thompson Esq.

P.S — I am about to bestir myself in the world of Letters rather more busily than I have done for three or four years past — and a connexion which I have established with 2 weekly papers may enable me, now & then, to serve you in respect to “The Messenger”.





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