Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Poe’s Compound Words,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 393-398 (This material is protected by copyright)



The following list which gives all the words containing hyphens is derived from the sorted words in the main section of this Index. They are here printed in reverse or “flapped back” order, with the very last element in the word given first. The last hyphen has been cancelled and a comma has been inserted by a special computer program, after the last element, here placed alphabetically. Thus:

blood-tinted             becomes             tinted, blood
Bowling-Green becomes Green, Bowling
Opium-eater becomes eater, Opium
sea-biscuit becomes biscuit, sea

The last element is usually a word, hereby revealed to the student of Poe in its alphabetical place, but not separately given in the Frequency List. In part the reason is that several of Poe’s words with hyphens do not yield full words for the final element, as we see in ma-a-an (an, ma-a), moon-hoax-y (y, moon-hoax), cock-a-doodle-doo (doo, cock-a-doodle), x-ed (ed, x), o-wy (wy, O). Clearly Poe uses the hyphen for humorous and rhetorical divisions. He also uses it to link the prefix elements as in re-appeared (appeared, re) and semi-axis (axis, semi) and sometimes to link a suffix, as in Hog-ishly (ishly, Hog) or Carlyle-ism (ism, Carlyle). He also joins an adverb to its governing adjective, as in neatly-folded (folded, neatly) and distantly-observed (observed, distantly). All of these hyphenated words can be checked in the main text of the Index for their location(s) and frequency via the first element, which follows the comma.

abiding, long

able, come-at

abouts, gad

absorbing, all

acquired, lately

Act, Cat

acute, not-over

acute, over

adapted, ill

admeasurement, ill

admeasurement, non

ado, despera-a

Advertisement, Walking

advised, ill

aged, middle

agency, self

agitated, highly

agonies, death

ahead, go

air, mid

aisy, Look

amendment, self

ample, X

an, ma-a

Andrewism, Merry

angel, arch

angels, earth

angle, right

angled, right

animal, land

animal, man

animals, man

ant, lion

aplasm, cat

apparelled, white

appearance, non

appearance, re

appeared, re

appears, re

arms, man-at

arms, yard

arranged, well

asperation, X

aw, he

axis, semi

back, canvass

back, draw

backed, high

backed, hollow

backs, canvas

bag, balloon

bags, carpet

bags, saddle

bail, leg

balance, counter

balanced, self

ball, billiard

ball, snow

ballocn, Nassau

balls, eye

balls, musket

ban, pest

Bank, New

bar, crow

bar, sand

barber, merchant

barbers, merchant

bark, birch

bark, tan

bars, sand

bass, double

bat, man

bath, shower

bats, man

be, would

be, Would

beam, ridge

bear, bug

beast, sea

beaten, weather

beating, brow

bed, death

bedewed, blood

begrimed, paint

being, well

bell, church

bells, hand

bells, sheep

belly, pot

beloved, star

Benith, Succoth

berry, rabbit

bethumbed, much

Bezek, Adoni

bibbing, wine

bill, board

biography, auto

biscuit, sea

black, boot

black, jet

“black, lamp

black, raven

blackened, smoke

blacking, patent”

blacks, boot

blades, paddle

blades, shoulder

Blas, Gil

blasted, thunder

blaster, rock

blende, horn

Bleu, Pas

Bleus, Bas

block, stumbling

blocks, stumbling

blooming, resplendently

blossoming, ever

blossoms, flower

blue, sky

board, chess

board, head

boards, shifting

boat, ferry

boat, jolly

boat, keel

boat, long

boat, sail

boat, sea

boats, life

boats, steam

Rob, Oil-of

bodied, able

body, busy

bodyism, busy

boiler, soap

bolt, ring

bolts, timber

Bon, Bon

Bon’s, Bon

bone, chicken

bone, thigh

boned, large

bones, cheek

Bonist, Bon

book, check

book, day

book, memorandum

book, note

book, pocket

Book, Day

Book, Jest

boom, jib

bottle, wine

bottomed, flat

bottomed, leather

bound, elegantly

bound, iron

bound, sable

bound, steel

bowl, punch

bowl, salad

box, phosphorus

box, pill

box, snuff

box, stage

box, watch

box, wine

boxes, air

boy, school

break, day

bred, ill

bred, thorough

breeches, knee

breed, half

breeding, ill

bridle, chain

brilliancy, sea

brows, eye

Brules, Bois

brush, tar

brushes, sweeping

bubble, air

buckingham, silk

buckles, shoe

bud, red

bud, rose

bug, goole

Bug, Cold

builders, ship

built, cottage

built, well

burial, sea

burned, hard

burthened, deeply

bushes, briar

bushes, currant

bushes, filbert

bushes, rose

buttoned, closely

by, by-and

“by, by-the

by, good

bye, by-the

bye, good”

cabin, after

cabin, cuddy

cable, chain

calculation, mis

called, mis

called, so

Cameleopard, Homo

cane, sugar

canopy, fog

cap, fool’s

cap, funnel

cap, night

capped, snow

captured, re

capturing, re

care, devil-me

cart, ox

case, book

case, dressing

case, stair

cask, oil

casks, oil

casks, water

castor, pepper

ceasing, never

cellar, salt

cellars, wine

cellent, X

centric, X

chain, chandelier

chains, fore

chains, main

chair, arm

chair, rocking

chairs, arm

chamber, ante

chamber, bed

chamber, dais

chamber, turret

channel, mid

chat, chit

cherished, long

chest, iron

chest, sea

chests, arm

chief, commander-in

chilling, blood

chloride, Bi

circular, semi

citizens, fellow

clack, click

clasped, iron

clock, water

closet, book

clothes, bed

clothes, night

clothes, small

cloths, floor

cloths, oil

cloud, thunder

Clout, Dish

coach, stage

coal, sea

coast, sea

coat, waist

cock, chicken

cock, turkey

cognizance, self

collar, shirt

collectors, sub

collegians, fellow

color, snuff

colored, blood

colored, copper

colored, fiery

colored, gaudy

colored, many

colored, orange

colored, parti

colored, ruby

colored, straw

colored, tawny

colour, water

coloured, light

coloured, orange

coloured, parti

coloured, violet

comb, curry

comb, pocket

commence, re

commentaries, sub

commoner, fellow

communication, inter

compass, pocket

complacency, self

compose, re

conceit, self

conceived, ill

concentrated, highly

concerted, well

condemned, death

conditioned, well

congratulation, self

conscientious, over

consequence, self

considered, well

consistent, self

constructed, ill

continued, long

contrived, ill

contrived, well

cord, whip

corn, hot

cornered, three

Council, Town

councillors, privy

course, matter-of

coursers, war

cover, book

covered, moss

crag, ocean

cream, ice

creature, fellow

credence, half

cross, re

crossed, re

crossing, street

crowing, cock

crust, pie

cry, death

cuffed, hand

cuffing, hand

curious, over

curling, naturally

curtain, drop

cushioned, luxuriously

cut, prism

cut, wood

cutters, wood

cutting, wood

d’esprit, jeu

dabble, mud

Dabbling, Mud

dancers, ballet

daughter, grande

dauns>, Maiter-di

day, birth

day, every

day, hey

day, mid

day, moon

day, noon

day, to

day’s, to

days, dog

days, now-a

dealers, double

deck, half

decks, between

dee, tweedle

deer, mule

defence, self

defined, sharply

demons, fever

demonstration, self

desired, long

desk, writing

destruction, self

detailed, faintly

devil, dare

devil, poor

devouring, all

dial, sun

Did, Katy

Diddle, Hey-Diddle

Didn’t, Katy

digested, well

directed, ill

directed, re

directed, well

discernible, barely

dishes, side

disposed, ill

distant, far

distinction, contra

divided, sub

do, well-to

doq, bull

dog, lap

dog, water

dogs, fire

doo, cock-a-doodle

doo, cock-a-doodle-de

doo, cock-a-doodle-de-doo

doo, eighty

doodle, cock-a

doodleing, cock-a

dooooooh, cock-a-doodle-de

door, next

door, street

door, trap

door, vault

doors, folding

doors, shop

doux, billet

Dow, Rowdy

dow, Rowdy

dowed, row-de

down, eider

down, knock

down, up-side

down, upside

dozen, half-a

draping, linen

drawn, long

dream, after

dream, day

dream, opium

dreamer, day

dreams, day

dressed, well

dressed, white

driver, omnibus

driver, screw

drop, dew

drops, ruby

Druidical, semi

Drum, Hum

drum, Hum

dum, tweedle

dust, gimlet

dust, saw

dying, never

ease, heart’s

East/Review, Down

east, down

east, south

East, Down

east, North

Easter, Down eastern, north

eastern, south

Eastern, North

eaten, time

eaten, worm

eater, fire

eater, Opium e

cho, re

echoed, re

ed, x

ed, X

educated, generally

effeminacy, over

egory, cat

eight, fifty

eight, forty

eight, twenty

eighth, sixty

eighth, twenty

eighths, seven

elastic, gum

embroidered, richly

eminence, pre

eminent, pre

eminent, super

eminently, pre

employing, re

empty, half

enamelled, flower

enclose, re

enclosed, re

encumbered, law

end, butt

ends, beam

enduring, long

enemy, arch

enemy, Arch

enforcement, re

engendered, half

engendered, opium

engendered, Bacon

engine, steam

engrossing, all

enkindled, fear

entered, re

entering, re

entity, non

epistolary, non

erect, cat

erected, re

ermined, rich

established, re

esteem, self

evidency, self

evident, self

examination, re

examined, re

exhibiters, monkey

exist, co

existent, pre

existing, self

exquisite, hyper

eyed, blue

eyed, one

faced, fiery

fact, matter-of

fall, foot

fall, night

fall, water

famed, far

Farm, Chalk

fashion, sloop

fashioned, old

fastened, copper

fastened, re

fated, ill

favored, ill

feathered, sable

feet, web

feigned, well

fervid, all

fiend, arch

Fiend, Arch

fifth, eighty

fifth, sixty

fifth, twenty

fight, swamp

finders, money

finding, fault

finger, fore

first, thirty

first, twenty

fish, flying

fish, gold

fishery, whale

fitted, ill

fitting, close

fitting, tight

five, fifty

five, forty

five, seventy

five, sixty

five, thirty

five, twenty

fizzitistical, hyper

flavoured, well

fledged, new

flowered, gold

flowing, gently

flowing, out

fly, dragon

Fly, Gad

flying, swift

fold, two

folded, neatly

Fool, Tom

footed, four

footed, leaden

footfall, gentle

for, unlooked

for, unpaid

forechains, weather

forgotten, long

forgotten, never-to-be

formed, half

formed, regularly

forte, piano

fortune, ill

forward, straight

forward, strait

founded, ill

four, eighty

four, fifty

four, forty

four, ninety

four, sixty

four, thirty

four, twenty

fours, seventy

fourth, eighty

fourth, ninety

fourth, one

fourth, sixty

fox, kitt

Fred, Man

frequented, well

Friday, Man

fringed, lily

Frog, Hop

Frog’s, Hop

frozen, stiff

Fudge/University, Fum

Fudge, Fum

ful, goblet

full, basin

full, oven

furnished, ill

furnished, well

furniture, death

furniture, ship

Gabalus, Flah

gallant, top

gallon, three

garden, flower

garden, landscape

Garden, Landscape

gardener, landscape

Gardener, Landscape

gardening, landscape

gardens, landscape

garter, clasp

gas, coal

gate, garden

gate, water

gear, sounding

qh, o-o-o-o

girl, cigar

girl, perfumery

girl, segar

glass, cut

glass, eye

glass, ground

glass, looking

glass, opera

glass, spy

glasses, burning

glasses, looking

go, touch-and

go, Touch-and

goblins, plague

god, demi

gone, by

goods, dry

Gothic, semi

gown, morning

gradation, retro

granulated, delicately

Gras, Prince/de/Foie

gratulation, self

green, pea

Green, Bowling

grinder, organ

grinders, organ

grinding, organ

grooved, iron

ground, above

ground, back

ground, burial

ground, fore

ground, play

ground, promenade

grounded, well

grouping, color

growing, rankly

growing, rapidly

Growing, Cat

grown, full

grown, grass

gull, sea

qun, ninety

guns, fire

guns, spring

gurdy, hurdy

Gush, Mige

haired, fair

haired, shaggy

half, one

hand, minute

handed, left

handed, second

handedly, left

handkerchief, neck

handkerchief, pocket

handkerchiefs, pocket

handle, pump

handles, pump

handles, sword

hanging, over

hangings, paper

hangings, tapestry

hardiness, fool

harp, jews

harp, wind

hatch, companion

hatchway, main

hauled, close

hazard, hap

Head/Lake, Dog

head, death’s

head, fountain

head, heels-over

head, mast

head, Bullet

head’s, Bullet

headed, addle

headed, bullet headed, button

headed, double

headed, dunder

headed, light

headed, thick

headed, Death’s

headedness, hot

heads, cat

heads, death’s

health, ill

hearted, best

hearted, frank

hearted, good

hearted, hard

hearted, kind

hearted, light

hearted, warm

heartedness, light

heated, re

heavers, coal

heavy, top

heeled, high

hen, marsh

Henna, Ge

hens, marsh

hero, novel

Heroded, out

heroded, out

Hill, Bunker

himself, every-man-for

hire, cab

hoax, moon

Hoax, Balloon

Hoax, Moon

hold, foot

holding, pen

hole, bung

hole, gimlet

hole, key

hole, loop

holes, arm

holes, worm

holidays, half

honored, time

hopper, grass

horn, big

horn, ram’s

horn, French

horror, pseudo

horse, mill

hot, red

hour, death

house, ale

house, charnel

house, compting

house, counting

house, dwelling

house, fowl

house, glass

house, light

house, manor

house, pot

house, prison

house, spring

house, watch

House, Coffee

House, Light

House, Prison

houses, mad

houses, out

houses, pot

houses, tap

hued, leaden

humor, ill

humored, good

humoredly, good

humour, good

humouredly, good

hundred, eighty-two

hundredth, sixteen

hunter, fox

hunters, picturesque

I, nill

I, will

ian, Hog

idead, one

identity, self

Iferous, Pest

Ilential, Pest

imparted, never-to-be

important, all

imposed, self

imprisoned, long

inch, three

increasing, still

Indian, half

informed, well

ing, O

ing, X

insane, half inspiring, awe

inspiring, horror

inspiring, terror

instituted, re

interest, self

interlocking, closely

interred, long

interred, re

interspersed, stripe

interspersed, Asphodel

introduction, cab

iron, wrought

ish, Neufchatel

ishly, Hog

ishly, Ram

island, sand

ism, Carlyle

ism, Montesquieu

ism, Tacitus

ites, Hog

izing, lion

jacket, pea

jacket, straight

jackets, leather

jars, olive

jaw, under

jellies, orange

jobbers, stock

jockey, horse

jug, water

keep, donjon

keeper, game

keeper, shop

keeper, tavern

kegs, water

kelp, sea

kimbo, a

klock, Klock

knife, carving

knife, pen

knife, pocket

knit, strongly

knit, well

knives, case

knot, bow

knot, eleven

knot, slip

knot, ten

known, well

kraut, sauer

ladder, companion

laid, deeply

laid, re

lamps, gas

lamps, town

land, spirit

land, table

lantern, battle

lanterns, battle

lanyards, weather

largely, over

latch, thumb

law, brother-in

law, sister-in

leaf, dog

leather, patent

leather, russet

leaved, broad

leaves, vine

lee, hard-a

leg, chair

legged, slim

legs, bow

Legs, Daddy-Long

length, full

less, people

let, under

Levi, Ben

Levi, Buzi-Ben

Li, Ju-Kiao

li, Tekeli

lids, eye

life, school

lifting, spirit

light, fire

light, sky

light, wax

lighted, gas

like, beast

like, business

like, cat

like, chasm

like, child

like, corpse

like, demon

like, diamond

like, dream

like, eye

like, fairy

like, fang

like, frog

like, gauze

like, gentleman

like, glass

like, glow-worm

like, hair

like, lath

like, laughter

like, life

like, liver

like, mirror

like, pall

like, plume

like, prison

like, razor

like, saffron

like, satin

like, scimetar

like, serpent

like, shadow

like, silver

like, snake

like, statue

like, swan

like, sylph

like, vapour

like, vice

like, web

like, Madonna

like, Satyr

likeliness, life

likeness, life

lilies, water

lime, slack

line, bee

line, boundary

line, tow

line, towing

liner, penny-a

lip, upper

list, sick

list, subscription

litten, gas

litten, red

litter>, love

load, canoe

loaf, sugar

logged, water

Lol, Fol

long, side

looking, black

looking, bleak

looking, cabalistic

looking, cadaverous

looking, cosy

looking, crooked

looking, effeminate

looking, fairy

looking, fantastical

looking, ferocious

looking, fine

looking, foreign

looking, frightful

looking, gallant

looking, ghastly

looking, gloomy

looking, good

looking, hearty

looking, humar

looking, ill

looking, indifferent

looking, ivory

looking, light

looking, lily

looking, liquid

looking, magical

looking, massive

looking, misty

looking, muscular

looking, odd

looking, peculiar

looking, picturesque

looking, plain

looking, rakish

looking, romantic

looking, rough

looking, singular

looking, solid

looking, square

looking, stiff

looking, stumpy

looking, stupid

looking, wild

looking, Eastern

lost, long

love, ladye

love, poet

love, self

lovers, money

luck, ill

luminosity, non

luminous, non

lunatic, lunar

lurch, lee

Lussac; Gay

lustre, lack

mad, stage

made, ill

Magnetic, Electrc

maid, lady’s

maker, attaghan

maker, bellows

man, belfry

man, frog

manager, line

mannered, ill

manufacture, dollar

marcy, Lor-gol-a

Mare, Night

Margaux, Chateau

marine, ultra

marked, singularly

marks, shoe

mast, mizen

mast, mizzen

master, school

match, slow

mates, co

mathematicians, men

meal, oat

meant, well

measure, tape

meat, dog

meat, tortoise

meeting, camp

melon, water

melt, re

memorable, ever

men, fellow

men, pie

mender, bellows

mentioned, above

mentioned, first

merited, well

metal, bell

metal, semi

mill, music

mind, master

minded, beautiful

minded, bloody

minded, carnal

minded, fickle

minded, high

minded, simple

minded, single

minded, weak

mindedness, fickle

mindedness, high

minds, master

mirror, pocket

model, re

modelled, re

modelled, well

moles, ground

morrow, to

morrow’s, to

mottled, gray

mouthed, open

moved, mechanically

movement, self

moving, self

murder, self

n, Ma-a-a-a

nail, door

nails, finger

naked, half

name, flash

named, above

nature, praeter

natured, good

natured, ill

nay, yea

needle, knitting

negligent, half

neighs, Cock

nettings, boarding

new, nearly

nics, pic

night, to

nine, forty

nine, ninety

nine, seventy

nine, thirty

ninth, ninety

ninth, twenty

nip, cat

nobody, good-for-nothing-to

Noir, Rouge-et

nopolis, Alexander-etc,

north, half

nose, hawk

nosed, bottle

nosed, carbuncle

Not, Touch-me

not, Touch-me

note, chanticleer

note, foot

notes, bank

notes, foot

nothing, good-for

Nu, Nu

number, whole

nurtured, gin

nut, hickory

nuts, cocoa

nxbxdy, gxxd-fxr-nxthing-to-

C, capital

o, little

o, no-o

observed, distantly

odigies, pro-o

of, unheard

off, cast

office, barge

offices, printing

oil, fish

oiled, well

omened, ill

on, mo-o

on, mo-o-o

one, dot-and-carry

one, fifty

one, forty

one, ninety

one, twenty

os, Kickapo-o-o

osseous, semi

out, look

outang, ourang

Outang, Ourang

outangs, ourang

Outangs, Orang

Outangs, Ourang

paced, slow

paced, snail

padded, double

Paint, White

painter, landscape

panes, window

pannelled, curiously

paper, sensation

paper, vellum

parlance, sea

part, bi

part, hinder

Part, Bi

parted, half

party, shore

party, war

passage, re

passages, love

passion, soul

past, half

past, quarter

path, by

path, foot

paths, by

pearl, mother-of

pedler, fig

peel, orange

peltries, cat

penetrating, space

Peor, Baal

perfectibility, human

perfumed, vanilla

Perith, Baal

pervading, all

Pest, Ana

Pest, Tem

Phittim, Abel

phraseology, school

pick, tooth

piece, a

piece, head

piece, mantel

piece, side

piece, time

pieces, mantel

pieces, phantasy

pieces, time

pigeons, carrier

ninny>, forty

pipe, wine

pipes, bag

pipes, waste

pitched, low

pits, arm

place, common

place, dwelling

place, fire

place, hiding

place, lurking

place, resting

place, sleeping

places, bathing

places, common

places, fire

places, sitting

placid, ever

plains, sand

planetary, inter

plank, oak

plant, coffee

plate, copper

plate, dial

plates, forechain

player, automaton-chess

player, chess

player, stage

player, Chess

pleasurable, half

plicable, in-X

plumed, brilliantly

plumed, white

plumes, hearse

plused, non

pocket, breast

pocket, coat

pocket, side

pocket, waistcoat

pockets, pick

poems, love

point, starting

pointed, sharp

polished, highly

poplars, lombardy

position, juxta

possession, self

post, bed

post, rubbing

post, stern

Post, Sham

posts, bed

posts, trading

pot, flower

pot, tea

Pot, Tea

Pot’s, Tea

pouches, tobacco

pound, five

powder, pearl

pox, small

practice, mal

precise, half

preserver, life

President, Ex

President, Vice

press, X

prevalent, ever

prevalent, omni

procured, re

producing, death

producing, sleep

profound, over

proof, bullet

Puddle, Mud

puncheon, rum

purged, death

quarter, three

questioning, cross

quill, goose

quizzical, half

race, foot

race, mill

rack, card

rate, under

rated, over

read, re

received, generally

red, blood

red, dusky

red, ruby

reef, two

reefed, close

reefed, double

refined, death

regulated, ill

regulated, well

reliefs, has

remembered, dim

remembered, ever

rending, heart

ribbon, bonnet

ridden, demagogue

rig, thimble

rigged, barque

rigged, schooner

rigged, square

right, down

Right, Copy ring, ear

ringers, Bell

rings, ear

rise, sun

riveted, iron

road, carriage

road, main

roarings, bull

robber, mail

robber, street

robed, black

rod, lightning

rods, lightning

room, ball

room, bed

room, dining

room, dissecting

room, drawing

room, school

room, session

room, sleeping

room, state

room, store

room, stowage

room, tap

rooms, drawing

rooms, state

rope, bell

rope, drag

rope, guide

ropes, drag

route, wheel

sac, cul-de

sacrificing, self

sail, stay

sail, studded

sail, studding

sails, after

sails, wind

same, self

Saracenic, semi

sash, window

satisfaction, self

satisfied, self

saturated, brandy

saving, labor

saw, see

Saxon, Anglo

scarred, art

scattering, brain

scented, highly

scented, sweet

Scented, Highly

scratches, pencil

scription, re

sealed, re

search, re

searched, re

searching, far

seat, devil’s

seated, deep

seated, re

second, eighty

second, seventy

second, thousand-and

second, twenty

Second, Thousand-and

secondÔÇ× twenty

seeing, far

seeker, gold

seekers, money

sense, common

sentiment, half

servant, negro

servers, time

set, deep

set, sun

settled, well

seven, eighty

seven, forty

seven, ninety

seven, seventy

seven, sixty

seven, thirty

seven, twenty

seventh, twenty

sevenths, five

Shade, Horse

shadowed, deeply

shadows, star

shaped, coffin

shaped, lenticular

shaped, star

shears, tailor’s

sheet, winding

sheets, stern

shell, sea

shells, egg

ship, packet

ship, whale

ship, whaling

ship>, leddy

ships, amid

ships, whaling

Shittim, Abel

shoes, over

shore, sea

shot, cannister

shot, pistol

shotted, double

shut, half

shutters, shop

sick, heart

sickness, sea

side, bed

side, hill

side, road

sided, one

sided, sober

sides, hill

sighted, clear

similes, fac

sinking, fast

sinking, re

sites, building

six, eighty

six, fifty

six, sixty

six, thirty

sixth, forty

sixth, twenty

sized, well

skelteriness, helter

skin, elk

skin, ham

skinning, eel

skins, bear

slate, mica

slide, land

slopes, mountain

Slow, Jo-Go

slumber, half

slumberous, half

smith, silver

snake, rattle

snapper, whipper

snatchers, body

So, So-and

so, So-and

sojourners, fellow

soled, thick

solution, re

soothing, spirit

sore, eye

Soul, Bless-my

soul, Bless-my

sounding, hollow

sounding, shrill

Spattering, Cur

spike, marlin

spike, marling

spiral, semi

spirited, high

spirited, noble

spirits, pest

splitting, hair

spot, blood

spread, freshly

spreading, over

spreading, wide

squeaked, re

stained, blood

stalking, deer

stall, book

stars, shooting

stated, re

staysails, storm

steeple, Christchurch

stemmed, triple

stems, tree

still, stand

stirring, heart

stirring, soul

stirring, spirit

stock, joint

stone, key

stone, mile

stone, pudding

stone, pumice

Stone, White

stones, corner

stones, paving

stores, sea

Story, Moon

street, bye

stretched, far

stricken, awe

stricken, horror

stricken, panic

stricken, terror

stricken, wonder

strings, leading

strings, purse

striped, black

striped, parti

stroke, master

strom, Moskoe

struck, stage

struggles, death

stuff, humming

stuff, ratlin

stuffin/University, Gutt

sty, pig

style, new

subdued, half

sufferers, fellow

sufficient, all

suggestion, self

summer, mid

sustained, long

sustained, well

svigging, a

Syllabus, Slang

syncope, hemi

syncope, semi

table, card

table, dining

table, dinner

table, wine

table, writing

tail, coat

tailed, black

tailed, cur

tailed, swallow

tails, coat

Tale, Tell

talked, much

“tanks, oil

tattle, tittle”

Telegraph, Electro

tempered, finest

tempered, good

tenths, nine

teuffel, head

That, This-and

that, This-and

third, forty

third, one

third, twenty

thirds, two

thirstiness, blood

thirsty, blood

thirtieth, one

thought, transition

thousandth, eighteen

thread, pack

threaded, gold

three, eighty

three, fifty

three, rule-of

three, thirty

three, twenty

throat, cut

throthing>, bog

throtting>, bog

tide, low

tight, air

tight, water

time, day

time, life

timed, happily

timed, ill

timed, well

tinted, blood

tinted, crimson

tinted, myriad

tinted, triple

tintinnabulic, Electro

to, flapping

tone, under

toned, deep

toned, high

toned, loud

tones, bell

tones, proof

tongue, mother

tongued, trumpet

tools, edge

top, hill

top, humming

top, mountain

top, tree

“topped, over

tops, hill

tops, mountain

tops, tree

tormented, storm

totum, tee

touch, new

touching, re

tow, under

towers, shot

Town, York

track, carriage

tracks, wheel

trader, fur

traordinary, X

trap, mouse

trap>, purraty

traps, beaver

traps, man

traps, rat

traveller, fellow

treated, ill

tree, pear

tree, tulip

trees, plum

treme, X

tremity, x

tressels, coffin

trigger, gun

Tritonic, inter

trot, jog

tuned, well

turtle, sea

Turtle, Snapping

turvy, topsy

twentieth, three-hundred-and

twenty, five-and

twenty, one-and

two, eighty”

two, fifty

two, sixty

two, thirty

two, twenty

uberance, X

un, Club/Vingt

uncle, grand

up, dammed

up, use

up, using

used, ill

value, over

veiled, close

velvet, silk

ventilated, ill

vermin, men

vessel, whaling

vessels, blood

vessels, seed

vessels, steam

victorious, ever

vine, grape

vines, grape

visaged, dusky

Vor/House, Weal

Vor, Wheal

waken, sleep

waker’s, sleep

waking, sleep

walnut, black

war, man-of

war, men-of

ware, crockery

ware, tinned

ware, Britannia

warm, luke

warmer, coffee

watches, death

water, back

water, bilge

water, fresh

water, high

water, low

water, rose

water, slack

waving, naturally

wax, sealing

wax, taper

way, arch

way, companion

way, forecastle

way, gate

way, half

way, out-of-the

wayfarers, fellow

weed, milk

weeds, sea

weight, make

West/Company’s, North

west, north

west, south

West, South

western, north

western, south

Western, North

westwardly, north

Whang, Slang

wheat, buck

wheel, mill

wheels, chariot

while, ere

white, grayish

white, snow

white, snowy

whoop, war

will, good

willed, self

winded, double

wing, pigeon

winged, misty

winged, pigeon

winged, raven

winger, pigeon

winging, pigeon

wings, pigeon

wires, cage

wise, over

wit, Too

wit’s, Too

witnesses, eye

womanish, old

wondrous, half

wood, cotton

wood, rose

wood, satin

wooded, thickly

wool, cotton

woolsey, linsey

word, catch

work, brick

work, frame

work, iroh

work, lead

work, mason

work, net

work, plank

work, trellice

work, trellis

work, web

work, wicker

work, wood

working, wonder

works, tinder

worm, coral

worm, earth

worms, silk

worn, time

worshippers, cat

wou>, pully

wou>, wolly

wou>, woolly

wou>, wouly

mouing>, parly

wow, bow-wow

wrapper, dressing

wreathed, ivy

writer, letter

writing, hand

writing, re

written, un

wxw, bxw-wxw

wy, o

wy, O

y, moon-hoax

yard, lumber

Yard, Court

yards, church

year, leap

York/Sun, New

York, New

zag, zig

Zebub, Baal

1, 15





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Poe’s Compound Words)