Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Acknowledgments,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), p. xv (This material is protected by copyright)


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Gratitude is owed and must be here expressed, inadequately, to many individuals and organizations for indispensable aid and encouragement in the processing and production of this volume:

To Dr. Alice M. Pollin, whose wise counsel and enduring interest was based only in part on her own experiences with the Florit and Garcfa Lorca concordances

To Dean Richard A. Styskal, who responded promptly to the proposal and most helpfully offered the support of the Computer Facility of the Graduate School, CUNY

To Dr. Leon F. Landowitz, Director of the Computer Facility, who afforded numerous types of aid and counsel throughout the project, despite his own great pressures of administrative work

To the officers and personnel of the CUNY Research Foundation, especially Brenda A. Newman and Elizabeth Walldov, who through ready and helpful responses and arrangements have furthered the development of the first volume of Poe’s works and of the second, now in progress, to which this Word Index is directly ancillary and in whose support it has participated

To John Corta, head of the Gordian Press, who enthusiastically urged the production of the Index, offered useful advice about its format and dimensions, and evinced the keenest interest in its rapid completion and widespread distribution among students of Poe

To Larry Powell, programmer-analyst, in charge of operations at the Graduate Center Computer Facility, who developed the programs for sorting and for the formats of the Index and who most assiduously oversaw the successive printings of the varied outputs

To Dr. Leslie W. Dunlap, Dean of Library Administration, and Frank Paluka, in charge of Special Collections, Libraries of the University of Iowa, for the prolonged loan of various Mabbott Collection volumes, especially of old journals, for verifying end-of-line hyphenations and debatable spellings

To Harry S. Sigele, who generously supplied friendly and expert counsel that helped to solve problems and encourage the spirit

To David Hubbell, who worked unremittingly and assiduously at frequent intervals in typing, proofreading, and verification procedures, with commendable cheerfulness and alertness

To Phyllis F. Mirsky, Computer Liaison, CUNY, who graciously and patiently facilitated account transactions, often under emergency conditions

To a changing corps of data inputters, led in skill, speed, insight, constancy of work and purpose, selflessness, and aptness in problem-solving by Kevin Emerson Kalajan, Computer Science student at Columbia University, who was ultimately responsible for processing this introduction, subsequently typeset; also to Elizabeth Wood, a data inputter of noteworthy accuracy and reliability, and to Charles Ocheret, who helpfully learned key techniques rapidly.





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