Text: Thomas Ollive Mabbott, “Sources of Texts Collated: Griswold's Edition of Poe’s Works,” The Collected Works of Edgar Allan PoeVol. I: Poems (1969), p. 585 (This material is protected by copyright)


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The Works of the Late Edgar Allan Poe. Edited by Rufus W. Griswold. 4 vols. (New York: J. S. Redfield, 1850-1856). When Griswold edited the first two volumes of the Works, late in 1849, he did not make use of the J. Lorimer Graham copy of The Raven and Other Poems of 1845 because it came into his hands too late. Obviously he sent the printer the copy from which Poe had torn the final leaf — page 91, containing the early “To Helen” — to send to Mrs. Whitman. Of all the poems in the 1845 volume, only this one was not included in Volume II of the Works with the texts of the other poems. It did appear, however, in Volume I, in Lowell’s sketch of Poe originally written for Graham’s Magazine. To the poems from the 1845 collection Griswold added eleven poems of 1846-1849 (probably from corrected clippings). One poem of eight lines, “To — —” (“I heed not”), omitted from the 1845 Raven, though marked for abridgment, not omission, in the Herring Al Aaraaf, is also given in the Works in a new form, abridged and improved; Griswold used a manuscript which is now in the Harvard College Library.

Volume I. Tales (1850): To Helen [J] in Lowell’s “Edgar A. Poe”; To One in Paradise [Q] in “The Assignation”; The Haunted Palace [Q] and (untitled) Couplet [E] in “The Fall of the House of Usher”; Motto for “William Wilson” [E]; (untitled) The Conqueror Worm [K] in “Ligeia”; (untitled) Motto for the Gold-Bug [C].

Volume II. Poems and Tales (1850): Preface as in The Raven ... (1845), without the corrections marked in the Lorimer Graham copy; The Raven [W]; Lenore [L]; Hymn [J]; A Valentine [G]; The Coliseum [M]; To Helen [Whitman] [E]; To Marie Louise [C]; Ulalume [G, H]; The Bells [J]; An Enigma [B]; Annabel Lee [L]; To My Mother [B]; The Haunted Palace [R]; The Conqueror Worm [L]; To Frances S. Osgood [H]; To One in Paradise [R]; The Valley of Unrest [F]; The City in the Sea [H]; The Sleeper [K]; Sonnet — Silence [G]; A Dream Within a Dream [D]; Dream-Land [G]; To Zante [H]; Eulalie [H]; Eldorado [B]; Israfel [J]; For Annie [G]; To M—— [E]; Bridal Ballad [G]; To Frances [H]; Scenes from “Politian” [F]. Poems WRITTEN 1N YOUTH [with Poe’s note as in The Raven ...]: Sonnet — To Science [K]; Al Aaraaf [P, Q]; To the River [Po] [H]; Tamerlane [J]; ‘To [Elmira] (“The bowers whereat”) [E]; A Dream (“In visions of the dark night”) [F]; Romance [H]; Fairyland [K]; The Lake [G]; Song [H]; To Marie Louise Shew [C]; Latin Hymn and Song of Triumph [E] in “Four Beasts in One.”

Volume III. The Literati, Marginalia, etc. (1850): Extract from Politian [G] in “Mr. Longfellow and Other Plagiarists”; Lines after Elizabeth Barrett [D, E] in “E. P. Whipple and Other Critics” and “Elizabeth Barrett Barrett”; Ulalume (lines 30-38) [J]; Hexameter [C].





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