Text: Edgar Allan Poe, “Preface [to the Second Edition]” (A), The Conchologist’s First Book, 1840, p. 4


[page 4, continued:]


IN issuing a second edition of this “Conchology,” in so very brief a period since the publication of the first large impression, the author has little more to do than to express the high pleasure with which he has seen his labors well received. The success of the work has been decided; and the entire design has been accomplished in its general introduction into schools.

Many important alterations and additions are now made; errors of the press carefully corrected; many more recently discovered American species added; and the work, upon the whole, is rendered more worthy the public approbation.

E. A. P.




In presenting a second edition of the Conchology, this preface was appended after the original preface.



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