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[Text: Edgar Allan Poe, "The Alphadelphia Tocsin," from The Weekly Mirror (New York), January 18, 1845, p. 227.]

[Page 227, column 3:]

    THE ALPHADELPHIA TOCSIN. -- (Phbus, what a name, to fill the sounding trump of future fame!) -- is the title of a new journal published at Alphadelphia, Michigan, and "devoted to the interests of the laboring classes;" by which we presume are intended the classes who have to pronounce every morning the great appellation of the paper itself. Such a work should not want editors, and accordingly we are informed that it has eight. What on earth is the meaning of Alphadelpia? -- is the "Alphadelphia Tocsin" the Tocsin of the city of double A's? -- if so, the idea is too easily slipped into A double S.

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[S:0 - Weekly Mirror, 1845]