Text: J. W. Ostrom, B. R. Pollin, and J. A. Savoye, “Bibliography,” The Collected Letters of Edgar Allan Poe — Vol. II: 1846-1849 (2008), pp. 959-992 (This material is protected by copyright)


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The following bibliography lists only those items actually used in printing and editing the letters of the canon, and items in the appendices. It is divided into four sections: first, works providing material pertinent to the editing of the letters; second, works that contained not only printings of letters necessarily used in the canon, but also in some instances editorial comment; third, magazines and annuals in which Poe’s writings appeared; and, fourth, reliable auction sales catalogs reproducing letters in facsimile or printed form, in some cases for which originals were unavailable.

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I. - Biographies, Bibliographies, Edited texts, Studies, etc.

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III. - Magazines, Newspapers, and Annuals

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IV. - Auction Sales and Book/Manuscript Dealer Catalogs

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Swann Galleries (New York, NY): January 20, 1944 (Geesey); February 27, 1992

Union Art Galleries (New York, NY): May 9, 1934 (Ford)






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