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1809  Jan. 19

Edgar Allan Poe born in Boston.

1811 Dec. 8

Elizabeth Arnold Poe, Edgar’s mother, died in Richmond. John and Frances Keeling Allan become Poe’s foster-parents.

1815 June-July, 1820

In England with the Allans.

1820 July-Feb. 14, 1826

In Richmond.

1826 Feb. 14-Dec.

At University of Virginia.

1826 Dec.-March 24, 1827.

In Richmond. Sailed to Boston, March 24.

1827 May 26

Enlisted in United States Army at Boston. Stationed at Fort Independence, Boston Harbor.

  summer (?)

Tamerlane and Other Poems published by Calvin F. S. Thomas in Boston.

  Nov. 8

Poe’s battery sailed for Fort Moultrie, Charleston, South Carolina.

1828 Dec. 11

Poe’s battery transferred to Fortress Monroe, Virginia.

1829 Feb. 28

Frances Keeling Allan, Poe’s foster-mother, died.

  April 15

Discharged from Army. Returned to Richmond.


Left Richmond for Washington and Baltimore, where he may have lived with or near his aunt, Maria Clemm.


Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Other Poems published by Hatch and Dunning in Baltimore.

1830 early

Returned to Richmond before May 3.

  May 3-21

Left Richmond en route to West Point as an appointee to the United States Military Academy. Stopped over in Baltimore to visit relatives.

  ca. June 20-

At West Point until he forced his expulsion.

  Feb. 19, 1831

Went to New York.

1831 spring

Poems published by Elam Bliss in New York.

  May-July (?), 1835

In Baltimore.

1833 October

Won Baltimore Saturday Visiter contest with “A MS. Found in a Bottle.”

1834 Mar, 27

John Allan, Poe’s foster-father, died.

1835 July-August

Joined Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond.

1836 May 16

Poe, aged 27, married his cousin, Virginia Clemm, aged 13 [page xxiv:] .

1837 January

Relinquished editorship of Southern Literary Messenger, January 3, but remained in Richmond until at least January 19.


In New York.

1838 September

In Philadelphia.

1839 early

The Conchologist’s First Book published over Poe’s name by Haswell, Barrington, and Haswell, in Philadelphia.


Became editor of Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine.


Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque published by Carey, Lea, and Carey in Philadelphia.

1840 June

Left editorship of Burton’s but remained in Philadelphia.

  June 13

Prospectus of Poe’s projected Penn Magazine appeared in the Philadelphia Saturday Courier.

1841 February

Became editor of Graham’s Magazine.

1842 January

Virginia Poe ruptured a blood vessel in her throat, a condition that ultimately led to complications and finally to her death in 1847.


Prepared a new publication called Phantasy Pieces, which was never published.

  April-April, 1844

Gave up editorship of Graham’s but remained in Philadelphia. Continued his fruitless efforts to establish his own magazine, the title being changed to the Stylus.

1843 February 25

Poe’s biography, portrait, and announcement that the Stylus would be published July 1, 1843, appeared in the Philadelphia Saturday Museum.


Won the Dollar Newspaper prize with “The Gold Bug.”


The Prose Romances of Edgar A. Poe published by William H. Graham in Philadelphia.

1844 April 7

Moved to New York.

1845 Jan. 29

“The Raven” first appeared in the New York Evening Mirror.

  Feb. 22

Became an editor of the Broadway journal.

  ante June 27

Tales published by Wiley and Putnam in New York.

  July 12

Became sole editor of the Broadway Journal.

  Oct. 24

Became owner and editor of the Broadway Journal.

  Nov. 19

The Raven and Other Poems published by Wiley and Putnam in New York. [page xxv:]

1846 Jan. 3

The Broadway Journal expired.


The Raven and Other Poems ... Poe’s Tales, a compound book of Poe’s two earlier works, published by Wiley and Putnam in New York.

1847 Jan. 30

Virginia Poe died at Fordham.

  Feb. 17

Won damage suit against the New York Mirror.

1848 ante Jan. 4

Printed new prospectus of the Stylus.


Eureka published by George P. Putnam in New York.

  ca. July 17

Went to Richmond to develop interest in the Stylus.

  ca. Sept. 5

Returned to New York.


Visited Mrs. S. H. Whitman in Providence, R. I., probably with the thought of offering a proposal of marriage.


In New York.

  ca. Nov. 1-13

In Lowell, Massachusetts, and in Providence.

  Nov. 14-Dec. 19

In New York.

  Dec. 20-23

In Providence for his marriage to Mrs. Whitman. The ceremony never took place.

  Dec. 24

In New York.

1849 May 23-June 1

Visited Mrs. Annie L. Richmond in Lowell, Massachusetts.

  June 29

Left New York for Richmond.

  June 30-July 13

In Philadelphia.

  July 14-Sept. 25

In Richmond. During his stay he made a trip to Norfolk to lecture. Also tried to effect a marriage with his childhood sweetheart, Mrs. Elmira Royster Shelton.

  ca. Sept. 26

Left Richmond for Baltimore by boat.

  Oct. 7

Died in Baltimore.


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