Text: Edgar Allan Poe, “Lines on Joe Locke” (Text-02a), Saturday Museum (Philadelphia), February 25, 1843, p. 1, col. 2


[page 1, column 2, continued:]

[[Lines on Joe Locke.]]

As for Locke, he is all in my eye[[,]]

May the d—l right soon for his soul call.

He never was known to lie —

In bed at a reveillé roll-call.”

John Locke was a notable name;

Joe Locke is a greater: in short,

The former was well known to fame,

But the latter's well known “to report.”



This poem is quoted as part of a biographical article on Poe. The comma given here (in double square brackets at the end of the first line) was added when the poem was reprinted in the Saturday Museum for March 4, 1843.


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