Text: J. E. Heath (???), Review of Littell's Museum, Southern Literary Messenger, January 1835, 1:241-251


[page 251, column 2, continued:]

LITTELL’S MUSEUM of Foreign Literature, Science and Arts. No. 151. Jan. 1835. A. Waldie. Philadelphia.

THIS valuable periodical has maintained a high reputation and extensive circulation for more than twelve years. The January number (1835) may be considered a new era in its history. The size of its sheet is enlarged, its type and paper are improved, and its contents display more richness and variety than usual. The plan of the “Museum” is certainly most excellent. It is to select and republish from all the British periodicals of high reputation, every thing which is either of present or permanent value, omitting the vast mass of matter which is local to Great Britain or not interesting to an American reader. It is in fact, a labor-saving machine, by which all the choicest flowers will be culled from British publications and transplanted in our own soil, leaving the weeds and trash on the other side of the Atlantic. We heartily wish Mr. Littell and his co-laborers increased success, and we shall occasionally draw upon his interesting paper for the use of the “Messenger.” The diffusion of fine writing from abroad, will improve the taste and invigorate the efforts of our own countrymen. [column 2:]



This entry is the fourth of the five items in the section bearing the general heading of “ORIGINAL LITERARY NOTICES.”

This item was tentatively assigned as having been written by J. E. Heath by W. D. Hull.


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