Text: George E. Woodberry, “Notes,” The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, New York: Stone and Kimball, vol. VII, 1895, pp. 353-355


[page 353:]



COOPER’SWyandotte.” Published in “Graham’s Magazine,” November, 1843.

Hawthorne’sTales.” I. Published in “ Godey’s Lady’s Book,” November, 1847. II. Published in “Graham’s Magazine,” May, 1842. III. Published in “Godey’s Lady’s Book,” November, 1847.

Dicken’sBarnaby Rudge.” Published in “Graham’s Magazine,” February, 1842. The earlier prospective review of this novel, referred to in the text, was published in the Philadelphia “Saturday Evening Post,” May 1, 1841.

Lever’sCharles O’Malley.” Published in “Graham’s Magazine,” March, 1842.

Marryatt’sJoseph Rushbrook.” Published in “Graham’s Magazine,” September, 1841.

Bird’sThe Hawks of Hawk-HollowandSheppard Lee.” I. Published in the “Southern Literary Messenger,” December, 1835; II. The same, September, 1836. The papers were much longer in the magazine, owing to the fact that the story of each novel was narrated in detail.

Simms’sThe Wigwam and the Cabin.” Published in “Godey’s Lady’s Book,” January, 1846. [page 354:]

Henry Cockton’sStanley Thorn.” Published in “Graham’s Magazine,” January, 1842.

Peter Snook.” Published in the “Broadway Journal,” i, 23. This paper, except the opening paragraphs, pp. 126-128, was originally published in the “Southern Literary Messenger,” October, 1836.

Walsh’sDidactics.” Published in the “Southern Literary Messenger,” May, 1836.

Macaulay’sEssays” Published in “Graham’s Magazine,” June, 1841.

Edwin Percy Whipple and other Critics. Published in “Graham’s Magazine,” January, 1850.

Headley’sThe Sacred Mountains” Published in the “Southern Literary Messenger,” October, 1850.

Stephens’sArabia Petræa.” Published in the “New York Review,” October, 1837. The paper is made up, in the main, of paraphrase of the work under review and of Keith on the Prophecies, of the sort illustrated in the NOTES, Vol. V. The passage of Hebrew criticism pp. 195-197, was furnished by Dr. Anthon, and is printed verbatim from a letter of Anthon to Poe in the Griswold papers, still unpublished. Poe used it repeatedly.

Irving’sAstoria.” Published in the “Southern Literary Messenger,” January, 1837. The paper is largely paraphrased from the work under review.


The fragments, excerpts, and annotations, gathered by Poe under this or similar titles, were published in the “American Museum,” Jan., Feb., 1839; “Democratic Review,” Nov., Dec., 1844, April, 1846; “Godey’s Lady’s Book,” Aug., Sept., 1845; “Graham’s Magazine,” March, Nov., Dec., 1846, Jan.-March, 1848; “Southern Literary Messenger,” April, 1846 ; April-July, 1849. In several instances the paragraphs were republications, [page 355:] sometimes revised, of matter previously used in early reviews. To these Griswold added, under the same title, short reviews and fragments of reviews selected by himself, apparently, from Poe’s minor writings in the magazines with which he had been editorially connected. The passages thus gathered, and their sources, are as follows: —

Brougham, Gr. March, 1842.

Plagiarism, “Hymn for Christmas,” B. G. M. Dec. 1839.

Antigone, Gr. Dec. 1840.

Southey’s “Doctor,” S. L. M. July, 1836.

Simms’s “Damsel of Darien,” B. G. M. Nov. 1839.

Bulwer, “ We have long learned,” S. L. M. Feb. 1836.

Dickens, Gr. May, 1841.

James, S. L. M. Oct. 1836.

Hood, B. J. ii, 5.

Wilson, B. J. ii, 9.

Marvell, S. L. M. Aug. 1836.

Petrarch, Gr. Sept. 1841.

Paulding’s “Washington,” S. L. M. May, 1836.

Newnham’s “Human Magnetism,” B. J. i. 13 (revised).

Defoe, S. L. M. Jan. 1836.

Antique Poetry, S. L. M. Aug. 1836.

Analogies, Gr. May, 1841.

Malibran, B. G. M. June, 1840.

The passage entitled “Byron” has not been found in its original issue. [[Byron, C. M. Dec. 1844.]]

The Editors have omitted from the “Marginalia,” first, all passages printed elsewhere in the critical writings; secondly, all passages from “Pinakidia “ (see NOTE II. Vol. IV.); thirdly, remarks on obscure authors and books, and other matter of like ephemeral nature.

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