The Works of the Edgar Allan Poe (Stedman/Woodberry Edition)


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Edmund Clarence Stedman (1833-1908) and George Edward Woodberry (1855-1930) largely defended R. W. Griswold as an editor and a biographer, without necessarily advocating many of his most extreme attacks on Poe.


The Works of the Edgar Allan Poe (The Stedman/Woodberry Edition) (1894-1895)

  • Volume I: Memoir and Tales G&A I - Romances of Death and the Old-World   (“Shadow — a Parable,” etc.) (1894)  (advertised in Publisher’s Weekly on Jan. 12, 1895) (Preface dated Oct. 28, 1894)
  • Volume II: Tales G&A II - Conscience, Natural Beauty, and Pseudo-science   (“William Wilson,” etc.)  (1894)  (advertised in Publisher’s Weekly on Jan. 12, 1895)
  • Volume III: Tales G&A III - Ratiocination and Illusion   (“Murders in the Rue Morgue,” etc.)  (1894)  (advertised in Publisher’s Weekly on Jan. 12, 1895)
  • Volume IV: Tales G&A IV - Extravaganza and Caprice   (“The Duc de L’Omelette,” etc.) (1895)  (advertised in Publisher’s Weekly on June 22, 1895)
  • Volume V: Tales of Adventure and Exploration   (“Narrative of A. G. Pym” and “Journal of J. Rodman”) (1895)  (advertised in Publisher’s Weekly on Feb. 22, 1896)
  • Volume VI: Literary Criticism I - of Poetry and Poets   (1895)  (advertised in Publisher’s Weekly on Feb. 22, 1896) (Preface dated May 5, 1895)
  • Volume VII: Literary Criticism II - of Novels, Essays, and Travel; Marginalia   (1895)  (advertised in Publisher’s Weekly on Feb. 22, 1896)
  • Volume VIII: Literary Criticism III - The Literati; A Chapter of Suggestions   (1895)  (advertised in Publisher’s Weekly on Feb. 22, 1896)
  • Volume IX: Eureka and Miscellanies   (“Maelzel’s Chess-Player,” etc.) (1895)  (advertised in Publisher’s Weekly on Feb. 22, 1896)
  • Volume X: Poems   (1895)  (apparently completed on Dec. 3, 1895) (advertised in Publisher’s Weekly on Feb. 22, 1896) (Preface dated May 5, 1895)

The first four volumes are collectively categorized as “Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque,” taking as a general title the one used for Poe’s 1840 edition of tales.


Woodberry had written a very popular biography of Poe, first published in 1885 and reprinted several times. Stedman had

Stone and Kimball was founded in 1893 by two recent Harvard graduates, Herbert Stuart Stone (died 1915, on the Lusitania) and Hannibal Ingalls Kimball, Jr. (1874-1933). Their first publication was a paperback reissue of Chicago and the World’s Fair: A Popular Guide. Their most ambitious undertaking, this elaborate edition of Poe’s works, would also prove to bring an end to the enterprise. According to A. B. Creek, the “Poe edition sold very slowly, and the net result of this expensive project was the tying up of a large amount of working capital during one of the worst economic depressions in American History” (49:442). Althought the company managed to print several other books, and literary daily, it was unable to recover financially and disolved in 1897. Stone went on to found Herbert S. Stone and Company. Kimball became an advertising designer at the Cheltham Press.


Bibliographic Data:

8vo (8 1/4 in x 5 1/2 in), large paper edition is 8vo ( also tall 8vo (9 in x 10 in).


The set was available in three forms:

Regular edition, laid paper, with the Stone and Kimball watermark, bound in cloth or half-leather.

Large paper edition, limited to 250 sets.

Japan paper edition, with an extra set of of etchings in a vellum portfolio, limited to 10 sets.


A Chronology of Printings and Reprintings:

  • Stone and Kimball  (Chicago)
    • 1894 - volumes I-III
    • 1895 - volumes IV-X
  • Lawrence and Bullen (London)
    • 1895 - volumes I-X  (London reprint of vols. I-X)
  • Herbert S. Stone & Company (Chicago and New York)
    • 1901 - volumes I-X  (reprint or reissue of vols. I-X, with a new title page) (although the decorated cloth binding is the same as the first printing, the name of the publisher at the base of the spine reflects the name of Stone and Company, and gives the location as Chicago and New York, with New York replacing the date on the lower right portion of the spine)
  • The Colonial Company (New York)
    • 1903 - reprint of volumes I-X  (called the “Definitive Edition” and limited to 1,000 sets. The 1894 preface is slightly revised by the editors.)
    • 1903 - reprint of volumes I-X, “extended to twenty volumes”  (called the “Autograph Edition” and limited to 150 sets, signed by the editors and the publisher. The 1894 preface is slightly revised by the editors.)
  • Duffield & Co. (New York)
    • 1906 - volumes I-X  (reprint of vols. I-X)  (also reprinted in 1908?)
    • 1907 (September) - The Poems of Edgar Allan Poe (a separate printing of the volume of Poe’s poetry, reprinted from volume X, although the date has been removed from the preface. The pagination matches the 1894-1895 volume exactly.) (reprinted again in 1908)
  • Charles Scribner’s Sons (New York)
    • 1914 - reprint of volumes I-X
    • 1914 - The Poems of Edgar Allan Poe (a separate printing of the volume of Poe’s poetry. The pagination differs from the 1894-1895 volume)
    • 1927 - reprint of volumes I-X (The pagination differs from the 1894-1895 volumes)


Census of Copies:

There are so many surviving copies of these volumes that a listing is impractical and unnecessary.



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