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The Casket and Graham's Magazine (Philadelphia, PA)

The Casket was purchased by George Rex Graham and merged with Burton's Gentleman's Magazine at the end of 1840 to form Graham's Magazine. In doing so, it retained the volume numeration of the Casket.

The Casket and Graham's Magazine


Full Title: ... The Casket, Flowers of Literature, Wit and Sentiment  (1826-1838) also
Atkinson's Casket or Gems of Literature, Wit and Sentiment (1826-January 1827, and 1831-April 1839)

The Casket and Philadelphia Monthly Magazine  (1839-1840)

Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine  (1841-1842, and July 1843 - June 1844)

Graham's Magazine of Literature and Art  (January 1844 - June 1844)

Graham's American Monthly Magazine of Literature and Art (July 1848 - June 1856)

Graham's Illustrated Magazine of Literature, Romance, Art, and Fashion  (July 1856 - 1858)

The Casket: Vols. I-XVII (January 1826 - December 1840)

Graham's Magazine: Vols. XVIII-LIII   (January 1841 - December 1858)

The Casket: Samuel C. Atkinson and Charles Alexander

Graham's Magazine:


Philadelphia, PA

An interesting note at the end of the January 1844 issue of Graham's Magazine reads, "Nothing that money can do shall be spared to maintain the high literary reputation Graham's Magazine has acquired both in this country and in Europe. Our finest articles are copied abroad each month with high praise, and occasionally stolen without credit" (p. 48).

A  facsimile of the Casket and Graham's was printed by AMS Press in 1968.


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