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[Text: Mary E. Hewitt to E. A. Poe – March 15, 1845]

To Edgar A Poe, Esq.

Dear Sir,

Mr Gillespie tells me that he has mentioned to you the singular coincidence that I related to him, of the simultaneous appearance of your admirable poem, “The Raven”, and the receipt of a letter by myself, from a very dear brother resident in Manilla, containing a marvelous history of a “white bird”, the which, although the very opposite of the “raven,” struck me as being so singularly like it in ground work as to constitute a “remarkable coincidence”.

Mr Gillespie tells me that you would like to see the paraphrase which I have endeavoured to frame out of my subject.

I need not say how much honored I feel by your implied wish – but must ask your indulgence for the manner (a manner very unsatisfactory to myself--) in which I have executed the task set me.

I enclose my brother’s letter, trusting that you may pardon the apparent indelicacy of so doing – thinking you might perhaps like to see the story as told in the original press – and better told, I think, than the one in rhyme. You will find the commencement near the bottom of the third page.

Pray pardon the liberty I have taken in addressing you thus uncerimoniously [[sic]], and  oblige me by returning the letter to my address.

Very respectfully
And truly yours

M. E. Hewitt

Athenaeum Hotel
March 15th/45

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