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The Saturday Museum (Philadelphia, PA)

The Saturday Museum is one of the scarcest of periodicals connected with Poe. Only one set of 1844 is known (at the American Antiquarian Society), and only a incomplete runs of 1843 survive (often just a few scattered issues).

The Saturday Museum


Full Title: ... The Saturday Museum. A Family Newspaper

Vols. I-II (December 10, 1842 - October 5, 1844)

Thomas Cottrell Clarke (December 10, 1842 - January 11, 1844)

George W. Fairman (March 14, 1843 - September 1843)

A. Van Wyck (September 30, 1843 - October 5, 1844)

Thos. C. Clarke & Co. (December 10, 1842 - March 11, 1843)

Clarke & Fairman (March 18, 1843-September 23, 1843)

Clarke & Van Wyck (September 30, 1843 - January 20, 1844)

after January 20, 1844, A. Van Wyck is listed as "Proprietor and Publisher"  (No publisher is actually given for the issue of January 20, 1844)

Philadelphia, PA

In March 1843, the Museum issued an "Extra No. 1," which announced that: "We have secured, at a high salary, the services of Edgar A. Poe, Esq., a gentleman whose high and versatile abilities have always spoken promptly for themselves, and who, after the first of May, will aid us in the editorial conduct of the Journal" (p. 2).

In the issue of March 18, 1844, appears an announcement, headed "TO THE [[/]] READERS OF THE MUSEUM":

    From the commencement of this paper we have had associated in its proprietorship a gentleman who resides on his farm, a few miles from this city, and who for this reason has not found it convenient to give so much of his personal attention to the establishment as its rapidly increasing business now renders indispensable. This has led to a change in the proprietorship which it is our purpose now to make known.

    The interest of Daniel Roberts Harper, Esq., the business partner in this establishment, has this day been purchased by a gentleman well and most favorably known to the citizens of Philadelphia, in whose entire fitness, in all respects, from his thorough business habits, intellecutal superiority and gentlemanly deportment, we have the most ample assurance, and are confident of securing the most important advantages to the interests of this establishment. It is therefore with more than ordinary pleasure that we announce the change which enables us this day to introduce our friend and partner, MR. GEORGE W[[.]] FAIRMAN to the readers and patrons of the Philadelphia Saturday Museum.

This announcement is followed by two brief notices, one signed by Thomas C. Clarke and George W. Fairman, and one signed only by G. W. Fairman (dated March 14, 1843).

In the issue of Jan. 20, 1844, a brief notice comments on the "Dissolution of copartnership" between Clarke and Van Wyke, noting that "All monies due the establishment from subscribers or agents are to be paid to A. Van Wyck, by whom all claims against the Saturday Museum will be liquidated." (This notice appeares on page ?., column 1. It is signed by Thomas C. Clarke and A. Van Wyck," and dated January 11, 1844.) This notice is followed by three paragraphs signed by Thomas C. Clarke, and headed: "TO THE PATRONS OF THE SATURDAY MUSEUM."


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