Text: Edgar Allan Poe (ed. J. A. Harrison), “Editorial Miscellany,” The Complete Works of Edgar Allan PoeVol. XII: Literary Criticism - part 04 (1902), pp. 224-225


[page 224, continued:]


[Broadway Journal, Aug. 9, 1845.]

WE find the following in the Express (of this city,) where it is accredited to the view-York Correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette:

“There has been a flare-up in the Broadway Journal, which pre vented the appearance of one number a week or two since. It originated in some difference between one of the Editors and the Publisher. The Editor undertook to get a new Publisher on the paper, and so the Publisher turned round and put the name of the other Editor on his sheet. Where the merits or demerits of the case lie, we do not pretend to determine. The Journal has force — some good criticism, and a good deal of bad. [page 225:] It needs more catholicity — more liberality, and a little less attempt at severity. With its flashy name exchanged for something more dignified, and its main plan retained, it would soon be the most able and entertaining weekly in the country.

“I forgot to mention that there has been a flare-up in the Democratic Review, also, between the Editor and Mr. Langley, one of the proprietors. Both better leave, for the paper cannot live with the management it has had for the past year or two. It lives by plunder of other people’s brains — a rather uncertain mode of existence, we should imagine.”

We thank the New-York Correspondent of the Cincinnati Courier for his good opinion, although given cum grano salis — but we would drank him at the same time to stick to the truth. He is right only in the proportion of one word in ten. What does he mean by “catholicity“? What does he mean by calling “The Broadway Journal” “a flashy name“? What does he mean by “putting the name of the other editor on the paper“? The name of the “other editor” was never off the paper. What does he mean by his pet phrase “a flare-up”? There has been no flare-up either in the case of “The Broadway Journal” or of “The Democratic Review.”






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